Dozens Of Cockatoos Found Mysteriously Dead With Blood Running From Their Eyes

Mystery has broken out in Australia after dozens of birds were found dead.

But they weren't just dead on the side of the road in Adelaide's northwest, they were found with blood coming from their eyes and around their necks.

More than 50 Long-billed corellas, which is a type of cockatoo, have been found so far and the body count continues to rise.


Credit: Corella Carnage Must Be Stopped/Facebook
Credit: Corella Carnage Must Be Stopped/Facebook

Now, it's easy to think that this is easily the start to the apocalypse, but animal welfare groups in the city reckon foul play is at hand.

Caspers Bird Rescue Inc found Sarah King told Yahoo: "We think it's either pindone or 1080. It's heartbreaking. Children were finding these birds. A lot of them have internal bleeding."

Pindone and 1080 are both poisons that are used to kill rabbits and foxes respectively.

The question on everyone's lips is whether the poison was fed to the birds deliberately or if they were just accidentally consumed. It's hard to imagine more than 50 birds all accidentally eating the same poison.

It certainly doesn't help that One Tree Hill, where the bird deaths are being recorded, has had an ongoing issue with the birds because of their destructive nature.

Credit: Corella Carnage Must Be Stopped/Facebook
Credit: Corella Carnage Must Be Stopped/Facebook

Residents have put up with the birds taking apart street-light fittings, making so much noise that it was impossible for some to sleep, and property and agriculture being destroyed.

So there's a motive to be had in deliberately killing them.

The council has adopted a bunch of non-lethal methods for getting rid of the birds or at least limiting their behaviour.

A spokesperson has told Yahoo: "These non-lethal measures, last undertaken in 2018, included use of a predatory hawk and gas guns," the spokesperson said.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"In order to protect our assets, Council has identified some areas where Little Corellas congregate and has implemented electric bird-deterrent systems, curved diffusers on street lights, and steel conduits on oval light towers in order to minimise the costs of repair.

"At no time has Council implemented any measures that include the use of poison."

In another twist to the story, according to Adelaide Now, a South Australian a parliamentary inquiry was told yesterday that non-lethal means had failed and native animals, including the corellas, culled, had to be poisoned and euthanized.

Coincidental that a bunch of birds wound up dead the next day? I think not!

Featured Image Credit: Corella Carnage Must Be Stopped/Facebook

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