Rare Albino Magpie Discovered Living In Tasmania

Australians have a love hate relationship with magpies. The feelings lean a hell of a lot more towards hate because they choose to swoop us as we're going about our day that just happens to be near their eggs.

But they are a part of Aussie culture and we can't do anything about their protectiveness.

Interestingly, a rare albino magpie has been discovered living in Tasmania at the Trowunna Wildlife Park.

Operations manager Darren Rumble told the ABC: "It was found at the base of a tree with no possibility of getting back to the nest. As soon as we had the bird brought in, we knew we'd be taking care of him for his whole life - if we let him go, he won't last more than a day.

"He'd be a prime target for crows or any other bird of prey. He is a genuine albino and the statistics around a genuine albino magpie are around one in a million.

Mr Rumble says the magpie is an 'absolute character' and doesn't mind if people get up close and personal with him.

But conditions that strip an animal of it's pigment isn't uncommon in the natural world. Two giraffes sporting white skin were been spotted in Kenya in 2017 and filmed for the first time ever.

The mother and child both have a condition called leucism, which results in a lack of pigmentation in skin cells, hair, fur, feathers or scales, and makes the animal a white colour.

Unlike albinism, which is only an absence of melanin, leucism has a reduction in multiple types of pigment and makes these giraffes look pure white.

Animals with leucism will usually have dark eyes, unlike albino animals, whose eyes will be pink.

Or check out this rare albino squirrel that was captured in North Dulwich, London.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Simon, who lives with wife Caroline, 54, a dietician, said: "We live in South East London and we get a fair amount of wildlife in and out of our back garden even though it's quite small.

"Squirrels are not usually at all for anyone in London, but about a fortnight ago, this white squirrel appeared.

"I set up my camera on the kitchen table just in case it came back because each time I ventured out into the garden it took fright and dashed off."

Nature, hey, pretty bloody wild.

Featured Image Credit: BrendaAksionov/Twitter

Stewart Perrie

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