Three Eyed Snake Found In The Northern Territory

Australia is known for it's scary animals and insects that could probably collectively kill all humans on the planet with their strength or venom.

Thankfully the majority of those hellish things are in the outback or in places that humans might not often be. Plus, there's the old adage saying that 'they're more scared of you than you are of them'.

Yeah right, tell that to the people who found a goddamn three-eyed snake in the Northern Territory.

Credit: Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife/Facebook
Credit: Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife/Facebook

That's right, forget the Three-Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones, this little beauty was discovered on the Arnhem Highway near Humpty Doo (yes that's an actual place) which is near Darwin.

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife posted on Facebook a few pictures of the devilish creature, adding: "The snake is peculiar as an x-ray revealed it was not two separate heads forged together, rather it appeared to be one skull with an additional eye socket and three functioning eyes.

"It was generally agreed that the eye likely developed very early during the embryonic stage of development.

"It is extremely unlikely that this is from environmental factors and is almost certainly a natural occurrence as malformed reptiles are relatively common."

Well, this is deeply unsettling.

It's a carpet python that was around 40 centimetres when discovered in March, according to Yahoo News.

Credit: Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife/Facebook
Credit: Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife/Facebook

But before you grab your fire and pitchforks, it's our sad duty to reveal that the snake died shortly after it was picked up.

Ranger Ray Chatto told NT News: "It's remarkable it was able to survive so long in the wild with its deformity, and he was struggling to feed before he died last week."

The snake's body is now being kept at the CSIRO centre in Darwin.

Interestingly, scientists have noticed that 'super snakes' are on the rise. We're not talking Marvel 'super' or two heads type of snakes, but a bit of crossbreeding between species, causing hybrids not seen before.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

US Geological Survey researchers were studying the invasive Burmese python - which has been reproducing in the Florida Everglades for nearly four decades, not to mention slowly decimating the population of small mammals in the area - they discovered that some of the snakes tested contained both Burmese and Indian python DNA.

What this means is that the apparent mixed-DNA snakes have the potential to become a super snake, adaptable to multiple terrains - ideal really.

The Indian pythons like high, dry ground, while Burmese pythons are swamp-dwellers, so the 'super snakes' would be quite comfortable anywhere.

Featured Image Credit: Northern Territory Parks And Wildlife

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