Vegan Manifesto Reveals Activists Want A Constitutional Bill Of Animal Rights By 2055

Veganism is slowly rising in popularity across much of the world. They obviously believe that anything that came from an animal or was produced thanks to an animal (something like honey) is off limits.

Activists have been ramping up their efforts in Australia to bring awareness to their efforts and sometimes getting arrested for it.

The classic protest chant of 'What Do We Want? When Do We Want It?' has been laid bare in a new manifesto.

Global Animal Liberation Group Direct Action Everywhere, who have staged protests in Australia, have a plan for how they'd like to see legislation brought in over the next 40 years to protect other species.

The handbook, obtained by The West Australian, wants the sale of animal meat banned in the US by 2035, 'legal personhood to all animals' (which declares animals have the same rights as humans) is granted by 2045, a species equality bill to go to the Supreme Court by 2045 and a constitutional bill of animal rights established by 2055.

Credit: Direct Action Everywhere
Credit: Direct Action Everywhere

Credit: Direct Action Everywhere
Credit: Direct Action Everywhere

The manifesto also actively encourages activists to storm farms and 'rescue' animals. Protests like these have erupted across Australia this year and the government is working to harshen the penalties for these offences.

"While we believe that open rescue is a form of activism anyone can undertake, it is critical that people are trained correctly as open rescue can pose serious health and legal risks," the handbook states.

"We do not hide our identities because we are proud of what we are doing and know that we are taking morally just action," the handbook states.

"Being a public face to an investigation breaks down the stereotypes of animal activists as criminals, vandals and terrorists."

James Warden. Credit: Direct Action Everywhere
James Warden. Credit: Direct Action Everywhere

It also helps activists learn 'the secret to dramatic photo editing' to create a conversation on social media.

Direct Action Everywhere Perth chapter member James Warden recently attracted headlines for complaining about not being offered any vegan options while he was locked up for being accused of stealing a calf and a dead piglet.

According to, the 25-year-old was fined in March for trespassing and live streaming the crime on social media - he was then remanded in custody after not having enough money to cover bail.

Mr Warden claimed that he went hungry for the 48 hours he was behind bars because Hakea Prison in Perth, Australia, didn't cater to vegans.

Featured Image Credit: Direct Action Everywhere

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