Puppies can be hard work - excitable, untrained, they need constant care and attention... also, when they're young and cute you really don't want to leave them for a second. It's prime cuddle time! So the dog-mad people at BrewDog have announced that they will be giving their staff a week's worth of "paw-ternity" leave when they get a new dog.

Happy Dog

Are you listening? Credit: PA

Staff won't have to worry about their work suffering in the first week of puppy madness - they're encouraged to take time off.

BrewDog is a craft beer company set up 10 years ago in Aberdeenshire and they're crazy about two things - beer and dogs. I mean it's all in the name, isn't it?

Dogs are welcome in their bars and also in their offices. In the office up north in Ellon, there are 50 "office dogs"!

Fifty dogs in one office. I wonder if everyone takes their dog for a mass walk at lunchtime...

Credit: BrewDog

James Watt and Martin Dickie founded the craft beer company with their dog Bracken in 2007 and want everyone to have a special bond with their pooch.

"Ever since Bracken, the original BrewDog, first watched James and Martin mash in batch number one of Punk IPA back in 2007, dogs have been central to our way of life," the company wrote on it's website.

They're also just about to launch a brewery in the US - and the staff there will get the same perks too.

BrewDog in Barca. Credit: BrewDog

'Yes, having dogs in our offices makes everyone else more chilled and relaxed - but we know only too well that having a new arrival - whether a mewling pup or unsettled rescue dog - can be stressful for human and hound both.

"So we are becoming the first in our industry to give our staff help to settle a new furry family member into their home," said the duo in a company announcement.

BrewDog doesn't just want you to bond with your puppy because that will make you and your little legend happy - the company says that it will make working for them the best experience ever. "These benefits are all part of us heading towards one simple aim - to be the best company to work for, ever."

I'm not going to lie - I think they might be.

Best Perks Ever

There are other companies that offer amazing perks for their employees. Google and Facebook have lots of free food and games halls so you can chill out at work for a bit. But they're not the only ones who are good to their employees. Software company Huddle gives employees a £5000 joining bonus that they call a "huddle cuddle," as well as half a grand every year. That's crazy! Free money! Airbnb gives its employees almost £1500 to travel, which makes sense because you would expect everyone who works there to be well travelled and clued up on what would make the Airbnb experience better. Money transfer service Transfer Wise takes its employees on an all expenses paid holiday every year. Nice - that gives everyone something to look forward to through the daily drudgery! Not as cool as getting puppy paternity leave though.

Words Laura Hamilton

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