DadLAD Who Recreates Daughter’s Selfies Has Double The Amount Of Followers As Her

Having more than 70,000 followers on Instagram is a pretty impressive feat. It's better than the seven people who follow your mate and his stories from Friday night. Cassie Martin, however, has amassed a huge following on the social media platform when she claims to only 'post selfies and drink wine'.

But it's nothing compared to her dad, Chris Burr Martin. He has managed to get more than double the number of followers on his Instagram account, with 151,000. While some people keep their parents very separate from their social media life, Chris trolls his daughter by recreating all her photos.

Some parents don't even know what Instagram is or how to post a picture, yet Chris has absolutely nailed it on the social media platform. He recreates every type of photo, ranging from the bathroom mirror selfie, the Halloween snap and even Snapchat pictures with funny filters on top.

Chris has told People: "I wondered if it might get old - I didn't want to get to the point where I was pathetic for attention. But since I started posting again more regularly, I've experienced a resurgence. People seem to love it, and that makes me happy."

Cassie says he loves the effort that her dad puts into his parody account as he will often draw on jewellery, tattoos or even build artwork in the background.

Even though the dad probably slightly enjoys taking the piss out of Cassie, he's actually doing it for a good reason.

Cassie has told the Sun: "He wanted to show me what I looked like in his own way, to prove I was showing too much skin or being a little too risque in my photos.

"I do think a little more about which photos I post now because I know certain photos can never be erased on the internet and certain people will see it."

The rest of his family aren't immune to his antics, he also rips his son and wife.

Dad Chris said: "I wanted to let some of the people in her comment section know her dad was watching because some of the comments, especially from boys, were pretty vulgar.

"She's over 18 so she could do what she wanted to a point but also, fighting with some of the commenters over the internet would have been a crazy thing to do."

He says his mission has worked and Cassie has toned down her selfies a bit.

There's plenty of ways to teach your kids about internet safety and this is definitely one of the best.

Sources: Sun, People

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Chris Burr Martin

Stewart Perrie

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