Bloke Expertly Photoshops Himself Into Movie Scenes And Celebrity Instagrams

When you're scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching a movie, there might be a moment where you think, 'imagine if I was there next to them'. Most of us will never get that chance because we're either not in the film or TV industry, or we're not besties with big-name celebrities.

But one crafty photographer has done the next best thing.

Syahril Ramadhan has expertly photoshopped his way into pictures with Cristiano Ronaldo, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Selena Gomez, Ryan Reynolds, Justin Bieber and even former US President Barack Obama.

Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook
Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook

Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook
Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook

While that's a feat in itself, he's also worked hard to make it appear like he was cast in some of the biggest movies of last year, including Spider-Man: Homecoming, Justice League, The Mummy and the Jumanji reboot.

His pictures have received hundreds of likes, shares and comments on his Facebook page.

You might think that cutting a photo of yourself out and pasting it onto another image is pretty easy - but it's incredibly difficult to replicate the same lighting, shadow, white balance and size of the picture you want to photoshop.

Syahril has done pretty well to get all the conditions just right.

Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook
Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook

Speaking to detikINET, the 19-year-old said: "At first it was just a hobby, but I grew more comfortable with it, I also feel my ability is more honed in this field."

With more than 180,000 followers on Instagram, he has people all over the world asking for his specialist skills.

"I am inundated with requests, but I cannot handle it on my own because I work alone so I limit only up to three requests per day," he says.

"If I have a studio in the future, I want to work on the international level. With this ability I can make things impossible to become possible in digital form."

Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook
Credit: Syahril Ramadhan/Facebook

To be fair, some people would absolutely love to have a decent photo of them sitting next to Jessica Alba or Liam Gallagher - and Syahril can make that happen.

But he wants to ensure that everyone can be as good as him, posting tutorials on his YouTube channel. The videos range between four minutes and 20 minutes depending on the difficulty involved in the image.

His full-time hobby has meant at the tender age of 19, he's fully independent from his parents and can support himself. Not going to lie - that's pretty impressive.

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Featured Image Credit: Syahril Ramadhan

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