Elon Musk’s Reaction To The Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Is Awesome

Elon Musk probably woke up on Tuesday morning with some butterflies in his stomach as the final preparations were being done on his history making Falcon Heavy rocket.

When the world's most powerful space craft blasted from the earth that afternoon in Florida, all eyes and cameras were trained on the white rocket.

But there was one camera looking directly at Elon Musk's face to see how he reacted to the moment his Space X project became a success.

Check it out.

The footage is a part of National Geographic's inside look at the Falcon Heavy and the day it launched.

As the boosters ignited, a look of bewilderment came over Musk's face, almost as if he was thinking to himself, 'Shit this is actually happening'.

But thankfully for us, we don't have guess what he was thinking, because seconds after the launch he said: "Holy flying fuck, that thing took off."

He then pauses for a second and realises that while it's probably important to track the rocket with cameras and specialist equipment, it would be far more fun to actually see it with his own eyes. So, he runs outside and sees his incredible machine fly into the air with the most awesome expression.

He literally looks like a kid at Christmas.

It's hard to pick the coolest moment of that whole day: either the Falcon Heavy boosters detaching, returning to Earth and perfectly landing on their pads or the picture of the midnight cherry red Tesla flying through space with Starman in the driver's seat and our blue planet in the background.

Both are fairly impressive moments, as the boosters usher in a much more efficient and technologically advanced method of space exploration and the Tesla could be floating through the universe for hundreds of millions of years to come.

It's not as if Musk was overwhelmingly confident about the launch either, telling reporters in the days leading up to the launch that he was worried it would explode. That's what makes this video footage of his reaction that much better because you can tell its 100 percent genuine.

While the launch was spectacular, Musk and his team will now be watching to see how they can tweak the Falcon Heavy to help get humans to Mars one day. You'll be damn sure Elon will have that same expression when the first human foot lands on the red planet.

Sources: National Geographic

Featured Image Credit: PA

Stewart Perrie

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