Cadbury Has Listened To The People And Dropped The Price Of A Freddo

There are certain things in life that people hold dear to them.

Some of those include a roof over your head, a loving family, enough money to support yourself, good health and Freddos staying at a certain price. The uproar of the cost of the delicious Cadbury chocolate has been nothing short of red-hot and for good reason.

When it relaunched in the UK in 1994, they were only 10p. Fast forward to 2018 and the 18g sweet has tripled in price to 30p.

Credit: Dan Arndt/Creative Commons
Credit: Dan Arndt/Creative Commons

Thankfully, the good people at Cadbury have decided that this cannot continue and have agreed to lower the price to 25p.

A spokesperson for the company has told the Sun: "We're pleased to announce that Freddo will become available for 25p once again from March onwards, across price marked packs in independent retailers."

That price is back in line with what was seen on the shelves in February last year before it was bumped up to the abominable 30p. The first price hike from 10p happened in 2007 when an extra five pence was added.

Now, if you thought this wasn't a big issue and was more of a mumbling groan, the price of Freddos goes as high as Westminster.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out on the Freddo debate, making his position on the matter clear.

In an interview with football-focussed media outlet Copa90, the opposition leader was asked whether he thought there was a 'secret Freddo tax that we don't know about'.

"I think there is a very obvious motive: those that make Freddos know it's popular, so they're making a bit more money," Corbyn replied.

He added: "I think we need to examine this question in some detail and see if there is excessive profit-making by those who make Freddos - then they've got us to answer to."

Mondelez, which owns Cadbury, says last year's March price increase to 30p was to account for the company not making the Freddo smaller. If you think 18 grams of Cadbury goodness is small, spare a thought for Aussies, as their standard size is 12 grams.

Mondelez clearly didn't want to make chocolate bars smaller and therefore decided to jack the price up by 5p - which isn't really that much.

But that hasn't stopped the #Justice4Freddo hashtag going viral in the past, nor has it stopped people from protesting in the streets. Freddo lovers in Cardiff and London channelled their outrage in a public demonstration.

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

Stewart Perrie

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