Cadbury Unveils A Creme Egg Block Of Chocolate

Once Christmas and New Year settles down, everyone starts to get excited for Easter, the one time of the year where eating chocolate to excess is acceptable and not to mention the two days off work as well.

Well, it seems as though that holiday season will get even more delicious after Cabury's newest creation.

Drum roll please...

The company has unveiled a goddamn Crème Egg block of chocolate. Yep - what used to be little balls of sugary goodness have been turned into even smaller pieces attached to a huge rectangle of chocolate.

People on social media have been going gangbusters for it, with one person saying: "This is exciting! Now if you could sell it all year long please Cadbury, I will be your no #1 consumer...but make the outside chocolate as thick as the eggs."

Another added: "In case you just want a little at a time...wait, who am I kidding?!? Go the whole block at a time."

A third wrote: "If this is true I need to know where I can get my mouth on this."

Sadly for those reading this anywhere outside Australia, the new block of chocolate is only available Down Under. To make matter even worse, it's only $4.79 (£2.61), which is practically nothing.

Marketing Director for Chocolate, Australia and New Zealand, Paul Chatfield released a statement saying: "We're excited to give Australians a new way to enjoy and share the legendary Cadbury Crème Egg."

If this is too much to handle, resign yourself to the idea that not one, not two but three types of Crème Egg ice creams exist and they're only £1.50.

Credit: Cadbury
Credit: Cadbury

You can now get your hands on a cone-style one, coated in chocolate and filled with goo. You can get a Magnum-style version with a centre filled with goo, and a whole tub that has loads of little bits of chocolate and - you've guessed it - goo, inside it.

The tub weighs in at 480ml of ice cream, compared to 200ml in the box of eight Crème Egg mini cones, and 300ml for three of the Magnum-like lollies.

If you want to get some, do it before March 5. Prices are expected to rise about £1.50 after that point. It's worth buying a few boxes and sticking them in the freezer.

So if you're in Australia you better snap up these blocks and send them to your friends abroad.

Featured Image Credit: gramofsugar/Instagram/PA

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