Chef Creates 'Mega Death' Takeaway Meal Containing More Than 4,000 Calories

Thanks to social media, plenty of people have been swept up in #CleanEating and #Fitspo.

However, these platforms have also brought rise to #FoodPorn, making people all over the world salivate until they nearly drown.

So if you lean more towards the latter than the former, then this meal in Melbourne will be right up your alleyCredit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Scottish born chef Chris Orr has concocted one of the world's most unhealthiest takeaway meals, called the Govanhill Munchie Box Part Two. If you're wondering who or what Govanhill is, it's an area in Glasgow, where Mr Orr is from.

The Munchie Box is supposed to be for two 'if starving' or four 'if you're caring' and costs $50.

Inside the box is deep fried pizza crunch, veggie pakora, chips and curry sauce, chicken tikka, two chip shop style sausages, two seekh kebabs, eight hot wings, cheddar coleslaw, and comes with homemade pink sauce and brown sauce.

If you're wondering how many calories that is, it's just a casual 4,671.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

Just out of interest, an average woman needs to consume roughly 2,000 calories to maintain weight and it's 2,500 for men. So imagine consuming double or nearly double the amount you need for a whole day in just one meal.

Chris said: "I opened up a restaurant called Wee Man's Kitchen in 2017 in a pub that makes its own beer.

"I was thinking about an avenue of what food goes with beer.

"There's quite a lot of fast food here but it's more Chinese, Indian and Thai - not so much deep fried.

"Chip shop food and kebabs all work well and the munchie box seemed to appeal to groups of people drinking. At the same time I was making all the deep fried foods like haggis and pakora.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"I was quite scared at first because Melbourne's quite a healthy place but it's been very popular with families and some people come in once a week for one.

"It's total heart attack material but I'm there to pleasure people."

He insists that all the ingredients for the Munchie Box is good quality meat and he's planning to release a vegetarian version soon.

Other interesting items on Chris' menu include the 'Mel Gibson' beef burger; the 'Glasgae Kiss', a deep friend Mars bar dessert; and the bumper breakfast, the 'Great Glasgow Fry Up'.

As a true Scot, he also stocks Irn Bru.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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