Coles To Start Selling Ugly Fruit And Vegetables To Stop Unwanted Food Going To Landfill

When you peruse through your shopping aisle, no doubt you'll come across perfectly stacked produce that will give you a warm, fuzzy feeling of contentment.

But what about the rouge items that look a bit...ugly?

People naturally gravitate towards the fruit and vegetable that look exactly like the last one they bought. While the obtuse looking carrot, rank looking apple or mildly bruised pear might seem off putting, nine times out of ten they're perfectly fine to eat.

That's why Coles is launching the 'I'm Perfect' campaign to get people eating fruit and vegetable that would otherwise end up in the bin for no good reason.

The program is being trialled in South Australia and Victoria to gauge how people react to the odd looking produce. It'll include bags of apples, pears, onions and sweet potatoes, 2.5kg bag of carrots, 3kg bag of oranges 1kg bag of lemons.

But the best part about this is that the gross looking fruit and veg will also be discounted by between 10 to 30 percent.

Credit: Coles
Credit: Coles

Coles general produce manager Brad Gorman said: "Our customers know that regardless of shape, size or any small cosmetic blemishes, Coles produce is fresh and bursting with flavour," he said.

"So when we were thinking how to package produce that looked a little less than perfect, we thought we'd celebrate the fact that great-tasting fruit and veggies come in all shapes and sizes.

"The I'm Perfect range will introduce our customers to millions of pieces of fruit and veg that they may otherwise never have met."

This will hopefully prevent our farmers from producing perfectly good food that just ends up in the bin.

Credit: Channel 7
Credit: Channel 7

That's something that apple grower Tony Ceravolo is happy about.

"For two years running, the Ceravolo Orchards were hit by a devastating hailstorm, damaging up to 90 per cent of their harvest," he said.

"With far less premium grade fruit for us to sell and an abundance of fruit with minor to major defects, Coles really got behind the Hailstorm Hero's campaign and helped us recoup some of our costs by encouraging people to by perfectly good fruit that was a little freckly on the outside."

It's the same campaign that Woolworths launched in 2014 - meaning Australia's two biggest supermarkets are doing their bit to minimise waste and maximise people's happiness.

Get in and get your ugly fruit because ugliness is next to godliness.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9

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