Good News Everyone - Fanta Lemon Hasn't Been Discontinued After All

FALSE ALARM, EVERYONE. It turns out Fanta Lemon hasn't been discontinued after all - at least, not in the UK. Whoever manages the Twitter account for the soft drink has probably been given a right bollocking for the mix-up though.

The confusion stems from one Tweet, where an anguished Fanta fan asked the question: "Have you discontinued Fanta Lemon?"

The Fanta account then replied: "Sadly, yes, Fanta Lemon was discontinued. But, you can check out our 12 flavours at to see what's near you."

This sent the Internet - us included - into a tailspin. How are we supposed to quench our thirst in this ridiculous heatwave without an ice-cold can of refreshing lemon soda, Fanta?! HUH?!

Credit: Coca-Cola
Credit: Coca-Cola

One user said, "Fanta lemon being discontinued has made me want to discontinue my life wtf every summer to come is ruined," which is maybe a tad dramatic, but you get the point.

After stories popped up everywhere about the tragic drinks-related news, whoever's in charge of the Fanta Twitter account has been kept busy fending off upset customers.

They've been replying to people basically every minute of the day to say: "While Fanta Lemon is still not available in the US, it has not been discontinued elsewhere! We apologise for any confusion."

The UK account then posted a Boomerang to confirm it's still available, which has made us so thirsty we're going to have to go buy a crate of the stuff right now.

It seems that Fanta Lemon hasn't ever been available in the states anyway, so there's no love lost.

This drama has led to some pretty heated discussions about which is the best flavour of the Coca-Cola-owned soft drink.

There's a lot of people on team Fruit Twist, while others stand by the citrus lemon flavour that screams summer holidays.

We feel pretty sorry for the States, who don't have easy access to Britain's ultimate summer beverage, but they do have plenty of other flavours to be keeping busy with.

Those lucky bastards have got flavours like pineapple, mango, peach, and the iconic grape flavour that turns everyone into hyperactive toddlers.

This drama's also led us to the Fake Fantas Twitter account, where convincing Photoshopping has produced cans that come in flavours like rabbit, filthy broccoli, and plain spoon.

But yes, in conclusion, you can all put down your pitchforks and pick up a Fanta Lemon instead.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox / Coca-Cola

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson is a freelance writer, who has previously worked at Shortlist Media and Trinity Mirror. She has written about the Manchester terror attacks and appeared on BBC Five live to discuss the aftermath, as well as interviewing an orthopaedic surgeon in Syria.

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