If You've Been Craving Campino Sweets Recently, There Is A Way To Get Them

Close your eyes.

Now imagine a circular sweet, tasting of strawberry and cream entering your mouth and instantly you feel better.

That, my friends, was the delicious experience of eating Campino sweets - the strawberry kind at least. There was also the summer fruits variety, consisting of raspberry, blackcurrant and peach; but the pink and white version was the one that so many knew and love.

Unfortunately for fans of the small sweet, it was discontinued in the UK and we were all faced with the reality that we'd have to find a new favourite. When you search Campino into Google you'll find countless articles and lists of 'Do You Remember These?' 'Only 90s Kids Will Get This' and 'These Need To Come Back Now'.

However, there is a way to get them back.

They're actually being sold at the moment at Walmart, which is, of course, an American company. Impressively, they're only $2 (£1.40).

Credit: Walmart
Credit: Walmart

But before you race to your nearest keyboard and order a month's worth salary on the delicious sweet, we regret to inform you that it's not that easy. Walmart doesn't ship out of the US, but you know who does? AMAZON.

But here's where the price goes up a bit, and that's pretty much because you're shipping an item that weighs less than a kilogram all the way to the UK. One seller lists the sweets as costing as little as $6.40 (£4.81), but the shipping will set you back a casual £35.

Are Campino Sweets worth nearly £40 - to some that probably wouldn't even be a question.

On a side note, ASDA is owned by Walmart, so if enough noise is made about these goodies they could bring them back.

Let's start an official petition. Or, failing that, we could get our next friend who visits the USA to smuggle them back.

Campino Sweets was in a bit of trouble in the early 2000s, when the orange flavour was found to have excessive levels of E number colouring additives - which is illegal. The company was one of 14 flagged up by authorities for not listing all their ingredients on their packaging.

The Food Standards Agency said: "We are pressing the European commission for change so consumers can be fully aware of what is in the food that they eat."

Featured Image Credit: Campino

Stewart Perrie

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