Dad Turns Dying Son Into Superhero In Series Of Books

A dad has turned his dying son into a superhero in a series of books he's now had published.

Thirty-seven-year-old Darren Garwood and his wife Rebecca were given the devastating news that their little boy Jackson had KRABBE disease - a rare and deadly nervous system disorder - when he was just nine-months old.

Darren was determined that Jackson, now aged four, wouldn't be forgotten so decided to start writing a series of books, in which his son is a superhero.

Now, three months and 10 books later Darren has had the books published and they can be bought worldwide.

Darren, who works full-time as a site inspector, said: "Our lives came crashing down when Jackson was diagnosed, I tried to blank it all out.

Little Jackson has a rare and deadly nervous system disorder. Credit: Caters
Little Jackson has a rare and deadly nervous system disorder. Credit: Caters

"We were told he was only supposed to live until he was two.

"I wanted to stop thinking, I wanted to sleep and never wake up.

"But my wife, Rebecca made me realise - all Jackson has is us, and I needed to be there.

"She asked me if I thought he dreamt - and we wondered what he dreamt about

"I decided from that to write Jackson Superhero - he might not be able to do much - the condition affects everything including his brain - but I can help him dream by reading to him.

"The books really don't take long to write, a few days at most and I always like to use words that Jackson is familiar with.

"I sent them off to publishers last February and was published by October 2018, I was thrilled when I'd sold 4,000 copies by Christmas.

"I've so far written 10 'Jackson Superhero' stories, with the next one, 'Jackson's solution to the world's pollution,' due out in May 2019.

"Since they were published, the most amazing thing is that there's kids who want to be like Jackson now."

Jackson, who lives in Essex with his family, was born in August 2014 and developed normally until he was nine-months-old when he stopped hitting his milestones and began to lose skills he had previously learnt, such as being able to feed himself.

He was sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital where the family were given the heartbreaking news that he had the condition, which is so rare that little Jackson is only the third case the hospital has seen in 25 years.

Jackson's dad Darren has written 10 books with the little boy as the star. Credit: Caters
Jackson's dad Darren has written 10 books with the little boy as the star. Credit: Caters

The condition has caused Jackson's nervous system to degenerate, with symptoms including choking, seizures and loss of motor skills.

But despite what doctors have said, brave Jackson has defied expectations.

Darren added: "Doctors no longer know how long Jackson has got to live.

"No child has gone this far, but the more research I've done, I've heard of a little boy who lived for eight years.

"Creating 'Jackson Superhero' books means that although he may have lost his smile, I can make him happy by reading to him.

"He now sleeps properly, despite his chest and water infections, the fact he can't move or speak.

"He's in a body that doesn't work but whilst he might not be able to be a walker, the books mean he can sprint around the world in his sleep.

"I want everyone to remember Jackson when he's no longer here.

"We had a little sister for Jackson - and I want her to know who Jackson was, and what he was like.

"Writing these books, reading them to him has turned something terrible into something liveable.

<img src="" data-orig-height="1000" data-orig-width="835" alt i want everyone to remember jackson when he's no longer here." credit: caters ">

"It makes you see that ultimately humanity is good - I need to not be angry and sad.

"These books are never ending - they are his dreams and the books are our escape.

"I've got plenty more planned such as Jackson's solutions to the world's pollution and I'm determined - my Jackson will have a legacy."

You can find out more about Jackson and the book series here.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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