There are many ways of talking to your partner about their weight and diet, but what this guy in Wales did, definitely does not fall into the category of 'acceptable'; the fact that he did it with an engagement ring is even worse.

Chloe had been dating this guy since she was 16-years-old and one day he gave her an engagement ring that he knew was going too be small, four sizes too small to be exact. She's told the Daily Mail: "He knew my ring size, so when I questioned why he had brought me a ring that was too small he said, 'You can wear it when you lose weight.'"

Chloe's selfie

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The now 23-year-old says this was one of several emotionally abusive things he did during their relationship. She even claims that when she was younger, he encouraged her to eat more so that she wouldn't be attractive to others.

She admits her weight was a concern for her when she was young: "When I was in middle school we had an annual obstacle course PE session - one of these obstacles was a bridge made by two ladders where you had to walk up one side and back down the other. I remember thinking to myself, these ladders won't hold my weight."

Chloe before and after her dramatic weight loss

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Unsurprisingly, the shitty proposal was the straw that broke the camel's back and the relationship ended.

But Chloe has had the last laugh by dropping an impressive four stone (25kg) and also picking up a fiancé for herself.

She met her soon-to-be husband a few years after the break-up and he encouraged her to take up some weightlifting at their local gym. Chloe says: "I never thought I would be lifting heavy weights, but now I absolutely love it."

Chloe with her new fiance

Chloe with her new fiance. Credit: Facebook

The 23-year-old also overhauled her diet to help her get healthy. She changed from having sugary cereal, crisps, chocolate and comfort eating; to eating fruit, salads and weight-loss designed meals.

Good to see that she didn't let that shitty ex-boyfriend control her life anymore or use a marriage proposal as a way to tell her that she should lose weight.

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