Man In His 60s Says He Has Body Of 20-Year-Old After Discovering Bodybuilding

If, just shy of a month into 2019, you've already broken your New Year's resolution to hit the gym hard over the next 12 months, then hopefully this fella can give you some much needed motivation. At the age of 60, he reckons he's managed to maintain the body of a 20-year-old - and let's be honest, it's hard to disagree.

Clayton Paterson, a retired lawyer from Ohio in the US, says he has always loved to be fit and active, even throughout his teens and twenties.

However, in his youth, he had a naturally slim physique and would often compare himself to his more muscular older brother, who - as brothers do - would often tease him about it.

As he got older and juggled his career with raising his four kids - Jacob, now 33, Nathaniel, 32, Anne, 30 and Luke, 23 - Clayton struggled to keep up with his exercise and fitness regime, but in 2017 he discovered a passion for bodybuilding.

Now Clayton, who came out as gay in 2015, weighs 12st 7lb and says he's never felt better.

He said: "I was in shape in my twenties but not like I am now. Virtually everyone is in shape in their twenties - it's not that hard. I think it is much more striking to be this fit at 60.

"I know that my children's friends are impressed with my fitness and I'd like to think that I relate well to them.

Clayton was into fitness while young, but was never very muscular. Credit: Media Drum World
Clayton was into fitness while young, but was never very muscular. Credit: Media Drum World

"Honestly, I don't feel a difference with them. Yes, I don't party like they do, and I go to bed early, but when I ski with them or have dinner, it all seems very equal. They treat me as one of them.

"Many people are surprised that a 60-year-old can be this fit. I don't want to be conceited, but I know that I have been able to maintain a body of a 20-year-old - well, from the neck down.

"I often get asked if I'm on steroids, or what supplements do I take. I do none of those and my natural testosterone level is actually above the normal range.

"I attribute that to the fact that I have maintained my muscle tone. I'm retired and have maintained my quality of life, health, fitness and sex life. I see no reason to slow down, I don't want to.

"I feel attractive, confident... the response from others has been very positive. I like to think that I'm a very sex-positive person.

Now at 60, Clayton says he's never felt fitter. Credit: Media Drum World
Now at 60, Clayton says he's never felt fitter. Credit: Media Drum World

"Men I have dated are impressed and often are incredulous that I'm 60 years old. I have not found that they are intimidated.

"The age range of those that I have dated is quite wide, ranging from late twenties to mid-fifties - I always seem to be older.

"Honestly, maintaining my weight is easy. I've been blessed with a naturally thin body and healthy metabolism.

"Since I've never faced being overweight or out of shape, I've never had the challenge of 'trying to get in shape'. For me, it was always just a matter of being 'more in shape'.

"I have been fortunate that my weight has never varied much; I graduated college at 12st 2Ib and now am 12st 7Ib and I still fit into my wedding tuxedo."

Clayton was always naturally slim. Credit: Media Drum World
Clayton was always naturally slim. Credit: Media Drum World

Pretty impressive - and if that's not impressive enough for you, Clayton has also managed to place in a couple of national physique shows last year. He competed in the NPC Masters Nationals in July 2018, in the 50-plus age group, where he came fifth, before competing in the NPC North American Championships, in the 60-plus age group, where he came third.

He says that thanks to his newly muscular body, he actually feels fitter than he did when he was younger.

"Once my kids were mostly grown up and my career was on solid ground, I took the time to really focus on my fitness and health," he explained.

"My children were also very supportive, and I always wanted to be a good role model for them. I got much more serious about my gym time in my early fifties and then at 59, I decided to compete in physique competitions.

He now competes in national physique shows. Credit: Media Drum World
He now competes in national physique shows. Credit: Media Drum World

"That's when I really transformed my body into what you see today. But, while how I look is wonderful, the more important outcome is how I feel physically.

"I feel amazing; healthy, strong, capable and I can still ski with my kids, swim long distances, mountain bike, play my piano and bagpipes. At 60, I don't feel that there are any limits yet."

Clayton also has some advice for anyone wanting to get in shape.

"Just get started and don't worry what people at the gym might think of you," he says. "Really, most of them will be simply impressed that you're at the gym or they will ignore you.

"There are days when I don't feel like going to the gym, but I know that once I get there and feel the energy of those around me, I will have a great workout and get inspired.

"Fitness is the one thing that we can do for ourselves that will pay dividends forever. Nothing is certain, but the data is pretty overwhelming that you cut your risk of cancer, heart disease, even the common cold or flu and you will keep your physical capability for years to come."

Featured Image Credit: Media Drum World

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