Woman Loses Five Stone After Taking Part Go Sober For October Challenge

As it's October, you or someone you know might be taking part in Go Sober October - a challenge to give up alcohol for 31 days while raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

One woman who took part last year, did more than raise money for a good cause, though, she managed to completely turn her life around after ditching her 'unhealthy' lifestyle and making some simple changes.

Dionne Mein, 23, saw her weight creep up to 15st 8lbs after drinking 'the odd glass of wine after work' and knocking back up 10 pints of cider on nights out with pals.

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

She decided to take part in the Go Sober October challenge in 2017 and was shocked to find she had lost 7lbs by the end of the month.

Seeing how well she had done, spurred Dionne on to lose more weight and get fit and healthy. She's since lost 5st and has dropped from a size 18 to a size 8.

Dionne, from Newcastle, explained: "Nobody thought I was going to be able to go sober for October.

"I was drinking a lot. I would come home after work and have a couple of glasses of wine and then drink loads of pints at the weekend.

"I was out partying all the time and then after a night drinking, I'd eat loads of takeaway.

"I decided to go sober for October to raise money for Macmillan and my mum doesn't drink so it was a little thing for her too.

"In just a month I lost half a stone, I couldn't believe it. I never imagined I would lose any weight let alone half a stone after making such a simple change."

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

But it wasn't as simple as that, and Dionne found that when October ended, and she went back to her old lifestyle she quickly put half a stone back on.

So, in January this year Dionne decided to get back to it, and, to be fair to her, she's smashed it.

Dionne started a new healthy eating and exercise regime, swapping fry ups and takeaways for home-cooked healthy meals and losing a stone in a month.

"I cut out the alcohol," Dionne said. "I made simple healthy changes to my diet and I started exercising.

"I never calorie counted, I just did what seemed right. I stopped eating takeaways and started cooking at home.

"People think you have to eat salad every day but I hardly ever eat salad and I've hit my target.

"Now I'm a size 8 and I can share clothes with all my friends. I am so much happier and healthier."

She also joined a gym after winning a personal training session, and despite initially being 'physically sick' after her first gruelling work out, she now trains for around six hours a week.

As well as improving her health, dropping her BMI from an 'obese' 35 to a 'healthy' 24, Dionne says her confidence has grown.

Dionne added: "Since losing weight I am so much more confident, I'm like a different person. If I hadn't gained so much confidence I don't think I ever would have met my boyfriend.

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

"Dean [her boyfriend] has been on his own weight loss journey so we can support each other and cook healthy meals together. It really helps to both have the same goals.

"I never thought I would be where I am today. It's taken hard work but it has completely changed my life."

In line with her new healthy lifestyle Dionne only drinks on special occasions, taking her weekly alcohol units down from about 49 a week to none most weeks.

Now, Dionne is hoping that other people will be inspired by her weight loss journey and realise that small, simple changes can make a massive difference.

Credit: Mercury Press
Credit: Mercury Press

She added: "For anyone struggling with their weight I would tell them to just make simple changes. Don't start by cutting everything out, just take it one step at a time.

"Alcohol and takeaways were my main vices, so I dealt with them first.

"You don't need to starve yourself or go on any fad diets. Start by just having smaller portions or focusing on eating more fruit and veg.

"I still make food I enjoy, I just make sure it's all fresh and healthy."

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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