Aussie Dairy Farmers Want Laws Changed So That Milk Alternatives Can't Be Called Milk

Back in the day, you probably would have strolled into the supermarket and found just dairy milk in the milk section.

Nowadays, you're confronted with a seemingly endless selection of milk that comes from a bunch of different sources, not just cows. You've got your soy, almond, rice, goat, hemp, coconut and oat milks now.

But dairy farmers in Australia aren't happy that these brands are able to label their product as milk when in reality they aren't actually milk.

Dairy Farmers Australia reckon things like soy milk can't be called milk. Credit: Commons
Dairy Farmers Australia reckon things like soy milk can't be called milk. Credit: Commons

Merriam Webster says milk is defined as 'a fluid secreted by the mammary glands of females for the nourishment of their young'.

As a result, these farmers want labelling laws changed in Australia to ensure that the word milk is only used for such.

President Terry Richardson said in a statement: "Australia needs to restore truth in product labelling so that consumers can make more accurate food and beverage choices.

"Over the pact decade, a growing number of plant-based products have cropped up, using the name milk, co-opting the look and feel of dairy milk right down to the packaging, and trading on dairy's reputation to gain a marketing advantage.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"We have seen a growing number of plant-based products on supermarket shelves over the last decade, gaining a marketing advantage by using the name milk and co-opting the look and feel of dairy, while claiming to have nutritional equivalency with dairy milk."

A survey conducted two years ago found 54 percent of people were buying milk alternatives because they thought they were healthier.

The Australian Dairy Farmers say a change in the law will bring the country in line with European laws.

"We are calling for changes to the food standards so that consumers trying to make a healthy choice at the supermarket have the benefit of transparent and accurate product labelling," Mr Richardson said.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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