Middle Born Children Apparently More Likely To Be Successful And Creative

There are so many studies and claims on how the order of your birth affects your personality or your future. Some believe that the first child gets the best chance at life; others reckon the last-born is well set up because their older siblings have run the gauntlet before them.

There's also quite a lot of chat from middle children, who feel like they're the abandoned ones. It's called 'middle child syndrome' and they can often be pretty resentful at their situation.

The eldest gets attention because they're usually the first person to achieve something, while the youngest steals the show because they're considered the 'baby' and need help with everything.

Middle Child
Middle Child

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However, according to author Katrin Schumann, 'middle children are more likely than their siblings to be successful and enjoy strong social lives and flourishing careers'.

Not bad, not bad at all.

But that's not the only apparent perk from being the middle child; Ms Schumann says they also have a better sense of empathy, independence, articulacy and creativity. All that time being abandoned or neglected, these 'middles' end up learning these crucial life skills.

They also have an eagerness to please because they've pretty much lived their early lives begging for attention.

These claims are backed up by psychology professor Dr Catherine Salmon, who told Business Insider: "As they get older [middleborns] recognise that they were given more space, and it makes them more independent and more capable.


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"I actually think there may be an advantage being the one who is not as overly supervised, because I do think that the sort of excessive parenting that you see sometimes prevents children from developing that independence that they really need to function on their own."

But it's not only the order that can apparently affect your upbringing and the rest of your life, but it's also the age gap between your siblings. Being born within five years of your brother or sister will intensify that feeling of having to vie for attention.

If you're a 'middler' and need a pick-me-up, then just remember that some of the best people are middle children. Look at Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, he certainly hasn't lucked out by being in middle born, neither has actor Julia Roberts or John F Kennedy, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr.

So cheer up, you've apparently got life made if you're a middle born child. Sure, you might not get the attention you want early on, but you'll reap the dividends later on.

Sources: Daily Mail, Business Insider

Featured Image Credit: PA

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