Prince Harry's Marriage To Meghan Markle Is A Snakey Plot... Apparently

Prince Harry's engagement to the American actor Meghan Markle looks, on the surface, to be the sort of honest romance that would make your mum proud.

The pair only just got engaged but people are already speculating that the Windsors have more sinister motives in wanting to see the wedding through.

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This is after one Twitter user cooked up that the planned union between the pair is nothing more than a snakey long-term plot by the British in order to regain control of America. Okaaaay then.

Here is the theory in full, as shared by the editor of, Greg Pollowitz:

"Prince Harry's kids will be Americans. What if one grows up to be president and is in line for the throne at the same time?

"Brits are playing long-ball here, but it's a smart move. They want America back and this is how they'll do it."

If you don't know your history, the United States of America were originally thirteen British colonies which announced themselves separate from British rule in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence - that's why Americans celebrate Independence Day on 4 July each year.

It sounds a pretty stretched plan, as Harry and Meghan's kids would not only need to grow up to be interested in politics. It also ignores the line of succession, which means that Prince William and his children Prince George and Prince Charlotte would all have to abdicate or die first. Sounds a bit grim.

Aside from a major tragedy (or conspiracy...) in the royal family, the plan would also require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. One person pointed out that the Constitution forbids Americans who have a title of nobility from a foreign state from becoming president unless they receive the nod from Congress:

Aside from all these really difficult and wildly unrealistic obstacles, it sounds a perfect theory, so, hell, let's run with it.

Some people were convinced that the plot would happen:

While a British observer burst Americans' sense of self-importance quite quickly:

Cunliffe later followed up on her tweet, amazed by how offended some Americans were that Britain isn't actually that bothered about invading their country.

After all, both countries have enough on their plates at the moment. Maybe that's enough of a reason to want to Make America Great (British) Again.

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Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden is a journalist at LADbible. He graduated from the University of East Anglia with degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing before completing his NCTJ Diploma in Multimedia Journalism. Chris has previously written for the independent culture magazine The Skinny, among other publications.

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