Researchers Reckon They’ve Developed A Pill To Cure Hangovers

Hangovers: the dreaded human experience that occurs after drinking alcohol.

Sometimes it happens after a few pints and you're wondering why the hell you're fuzzy headed, other times it appropriately occurs after way too many drinks.

Sometimes it will hit you before you open your eyes and other times you jump out of bed and as the day rolls on it seeps into your consciousness.

You can try and drink tons of water or eat loads of food before bed to stave off the effects of the booze, but that's not always a sure-fire way of conquering the drink.

Well, there soon might be a pill that could take all that away.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

Researchers from the University of Southern California in the USA have been looking into how natural enzymes work to combat the effects of alcohol. Our livers are the organ that processes alcohol once it's been absorbed into the bloodstream and works to get it out of our system.

Academics from USC believe that if they can synthesize those macromolecular biological catalysts from the liver into something you can put in a capsule, surely you can cure hangovers.

So they produced a bunch of nanocapsules of this proposed hangover cure and gave them to mice who were tanked off a bit of booze. Sure enough, the little critters selected for the treatment had their blood alcohol concentration drop by 45 percent in just four hours.

The mice who got the capsules also woke up much faster than their counterparts who received nothing but alcohol.


Professor Yunfeng Lu told The Conversation: "The ability to efficiently break down alcohol quickly should help patients wake up earlier and prevent alcohol poisoning. It should also protect their liver from alcohol-associated stress and damage.

"We are currently completing tests to ensure that our nanocapsules are safe and don't trigger unexpected or dangerous side effects. If our treatments prove effective in animals, we could begin human clinical trials in as early as one year.

"This sort of antidote won't stop people from going too far when consuming alcohol, but it could help them recover quicker. In the meantime, we plan on drinking responsibly, and hope that you do too."

We can all agree that having something like this up our sleeves would be handy - however, as Professor Lu said, it shouldn't mean that we all just get more tanked than before just because we have a miracle pill.

Not convinced? You can always try the McDonalds Cure.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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