Students Given 'Adult Lessons' Where They Learn About How To Deal With Life After School

Most people go through high school and learn about English skills, mathematics, ancient or modern history, a language or two and maybe even a musical instrument.

But how much of that stuff directly helps you when you get into the big wild world outside the bubble of school?

Sure, that French subject you did might be handy when you visit Paris but it's certainly not going to prepare you for some of the big necessities of life.

A school in America has adopted 'adult classes' to help teenagers get ready for their lives.

Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, dedicated a day to teaching kids about how to change a tire, how to cook low budget meals (this would be a life saver when you go to university), how to write a good résumé and how to manage your finances.

Some people might scoff at this prospect, finding anyone who needs to be 'taught' these things as stupid - but there are plenty of people who aren't exposed to these aspects of life until they're accidentally setting pasta on fir because they've never learned to cook.

Credit: Bullitt Central High School/Facebook
Credit: Bullitt Central High School/Facebook

There were 11 classes that students could choose from, but they were only allowed to pick three. That seems a bit silly - why not do all 11 and make sure they have all the information in their arsenal.

The financial topics sounded pretty decent: they learned the differences in accounts you can get at a bank and how to manage your credit rating. Not going to lie - that is some vital information.

In addition to that, other corners of the community helped out with the adult education.

The Shepherdsville Police Department explained what you should do if you get pulled over by a cop to ensure the speediest interaction.

Credit: Bullitt Central High School/Facebook
Credit: Bullitt Central High School/Facebook

If you can remember the first time you were pulled over it might have been stressful simply because you've never experienced it before.

Other groups that spoke at the school include The Center for Women and Families, KHEAA (Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority), the US Army, UPS, Abby Baylor, Park Federal, Our Lady of Peace, and Mr. Rippy.

This sounds like it should be rolled out in schools around the world.

We've all been there when the tire goes flat for the first time or we're confronted with balancing your finances. It would make these experiences a hell of a lot easier if we studied them in school rather than when they happen.

Featured Image Credit: Bullitt Central High School/Facebook

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