Woman Bullied Because Of Her Severe Acne Finds Cheap 'Cure'

As people go through their teenage years, their bodies go through a bunch of changes. Unfortunately for some, one of those changes is dealing with hormones that result in acne.

Some people get a few zits while others are much more affected and their skin can break out with dozens of spots and rashes that don't respond to a variety of treatments.

The services out there range from medication to creams that have be applied all the time and they can sometimes leave a pretty hefty dent in your bank account.

But one woman has stumbled across a cream that has virtually cured her acne.

Rose MacIntosh's skin condition was so bad that she was ruthlessly bullied, forcing her to undergo a daily make-up routine before school that would take hours, all so she could blend in with the rest of her mates.

Credit: Rose MacIntosh
Credit: Rose MacIntosh

The 25-year-old told the Sun: "I was always mocked by this group of five girls who told everyone I had chicken pox even though they knew I didn't. They made my life a living hell.They called me ugly and all sorts of nasty names. It was devastating.

"I ended up having to have therapy because my parents were so worried about me. The therapy helped at the time but was soon as I had to face the real world all the fear and depression came flooding back."

She added that getting a boyfriend at 17 was a bit of a morale boost, however when girls continued to bully her, he didn't pull them up and said he felt embarrassed to be around her.

Rose tried everything under the sun to fix her face, with varying results, but she was never able to fully shake that shitty beast that is acne. That was until she stumbled across a product called Silver Serum, which is only £12.99, and thought she'd give it a whirl.

Credit: Rose MacIntosh
Credit: Rose MacIntosh

"The effects were not immediate, so I almost stopped using it. It was only after about two weeks that I noticed my skin was less red, less swollen and a bit smoother," Rose said.

"Then week by week it gradually got better and better. After three to four weeks I started to feel the most hopeful I'd felt in years."

Ms MacIntosh says that after more than a decade of battling her acne, she feels like she's finally starting to win.

For other people struggling with acne, NHS Choices has a bunch of suggestion for how to fight it.

Featured Image Credit: Rose MacIntosh

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