Creepy New Beauty Trend Sees Woman Completely Transform Into Different Person

Everyone knows make up does wonders - it can completely change someone's appearance and enhance what's already there.

Big nose, contour it. Small lips, line the shit out of them. Chubby face - tape it... yes you read that right. Get a bit of tape.

If you've never heard of this new beauty trend before you'll be shocked by the results which are pretty crazy - put it this way, I'm considering buying a tonne of the sticky stuff.

The Mirror reported that Qi Huahua was unrecognisable at the end of the video after using sculpture make-up to change her look - including adding a prosthetic nose. That's dedication right there.

Could we be arsed doing that every day? And what about when one morning you couldn't find your nose? There's a sentence I never saw myself writing.

Credit: Youku
Credit: Youku

The video begins by showing Qi lightening her skin with a white cream before applying her foundation and stamping on her eyebrows.

Now, there's a time-saving tool - stamping on your brows.

Then comes the eye-shadow and false lashes, which she whacks on with impressive speed and ease, before contouring her face and slimming her jaw by pulling her skin tight and taping it just below her ear.

She slaps some lippy on not forgetting to add a bit to her cheeks as blusher - two birds, one stone. We like it, Qi.

Credit: Youku
Credit: Youku

To complete the look, she adds prosthetic makeup to her nose and covers her chest and arms with more white cream.

Then, as if she's not spent enough time putting it all on she takes it off just to prove it really is her. Which we wouldn't have believed if she didn't go through with the removal process.

She really could get away with murder.

Credit: Youku
Credit: Youku

And quite understandably, people have been stunned by the video with one person commenting: "That's why I have trust issues."

Another asked: "How can she change her whole identity while I cant even hide a tiny pimple?!" Very good point.

A third said: "I've watched this about six times and I still don't understand it? How are they two different people but also the same person?!" Tekkers.

It left others advising new couples to take their dates swimming to really find out what their other half looks like, alternatively, 'accidentally' splashing their face with water is also an option.

Ever heard of water resistant makeup, guys?

Featured Image Credit: Youku

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd is a Journalist at LADbible. She graduated from the University of Central Lancashire with a First Class BA in Journalism. Becky previously worked as Chief Reporter at Cavendish Press, supplying news and feature stories to national newspapers and women's magazines.

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