​Woman Left With Lopsided Breasts Asks 'Botched' Doctors For Help

A woman who has asked for doctors to help reduce the size of her breasts, after multiple implant procedures has left them severely lopsided.

Appearing on E! show Botched, 44-year-old Allegra Cole has opened up about her experience with plastic surgery.

"At the age of 33, I got my first breast implants and they were 800 ccs," Allegra said.

"But I was getting that boob greed a little bit. Wanted to be fuller, bigger."

She's now making a plea to Botched surgeons Dr Terry Dubrow and Dr Paul Nassif, hoping that they can help make her breasts symmetrical again.

Credit: E!
Credit: E!

To get the 'fuller' size she desired, Allegra turned to a website where people are able to financially support women who want breast implants.

"They would buy picture sets [or] request certain things for a certain dollar amount and the site would cut the check to the doctor, and you would just go and get implants," Allegra explained.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

This time round, her implants were increased to 1,700 ccs, which was more than double the amount she was on before.

Somehow, she still wasn't happy, and admitted that while she felt as though as 'elephant' was on her chest when she awoke from the procedure, she still wasn't as big as she wanted to be.

"So I found out about a doctor that did tissue expanders where I could expand with saline and grown my implants," Allegra continued.

"I love being in control, and I love being in control of my own breast size."

Within months, Allegra then doubled the implant size to over 4,000 ccs, meaning that she now has 4,600 ccs of saline in her breasts.

Credit: Barcroft
Credit: Barcroft

Allegra says it's not easy, explaining that she has to have regular strength training sessions to keep her upper body in good enough shape to carry the excess weight.

"I definitely use the gym to strengthen my back and keep my core strong so that I can hold these girls up," she added.

"I actually have 20-plus pounds of weight vest on - but it is the cutest weight vest you've ever worn, I promise."

Allegra continued to say that she may be happy overall with her breasts, self-inflating her implants has left them badly lopsided.

"After the expanders were put in, I did notice that my left side sat a little bit higher and was firmer," she said.

"The more that I increase the size, the more it became apparent.

"So what I would love for the doctors to be able do is fix the asymmetry."

She added: "I'll be the poster child of extreme surgery, but still wear it well."

Featured Image Credit: Barcroft

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