Woman Speaks About Her Asexual Drag Queen Husband

Most people would assume that everyone is keen to get in between the sheets with someone at least once in their life. But there's a whole community of people who aren't interested in sex whatsoever.

That might seem like a strange concept for people to wrap their heads around, but asexuality is definitely a thing for some people.

Meet Jeremiah and Meagan Dauberly, a young couple who has been together since they were teenagers. The 25-year-olds are both asexual, but just because they don't want to have sex with each other, it doesn't mean they don't want to be loved.

Jeremiah told Barcroft TV: "Our relationship is unusual, it's unusual in the way that we don't seem to interact in the same way other couples do. We just go about things much more differently.

"A lot of couples they have a hard time, discussing and communicating about anything that doesn't have to do with the bedroom.

"That seems to be the only place that a lot of couples seem to be on the same page - whereas we are on the same page everywhere."

Meagan says she was disinterested by the idea of having sex whereas Jeremiah says if he wasn't allowed to have sex ever again he wouldn't really care.

The couple met when they were 14 in high school. Credit: BarcroftTV
The couple met when they were 14 in high school. Credit: BarcroftTV

Jeremiah identifies as Agender, meaning his gender identity and expression doesn't conform to either male or female or anything in between, adding: "I don't really have any preferred pronouns and I don't really identify as male even though I'm a male. I just feel like my gender is an experience to have."

Meagan was a bit confused when Jeremiah wanted to explore the drag scene and asked whether he needed to explore his sexuality.

But asexuality is on the same list as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.

She says while she was hesitant about Jeremiah's foray into drag, she now fully supports it.

Credit: BarcroftTV
Credit: BarcroftTV

"I love that Jay does these crazy death drops, I think they are amazing, they are impressive.

"My heart does stop every time he does one cause I'm afraid he is going to hurt himself, so every time I flinch and then when he is fine, I cheer."

They represent just another way a couple and an individual can express themselves and be a part of a relationship. Some might have their judgements, but Meagan and Jeremiah's friends reckon they're as rock solid as the best couples.

"J and Meagan couldn't be more of a perfect couple honestly," says friend Tom. "It's just the most beautiful couple I could honestly imagine. You know those two are made for each other."

Featured Image Credit: BarcroftTV

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