Liam Gallagher On Why He Wears A Parka At All Times, Even While Gardening

Liam Gallagher, the Oasis megastar has shocked the world by declaring that he wears his parka in the supermarket and while gardening.

Wait, no. He's confirmed what everyone already thought - or at least, what everyone hoped.

If you don't imagine Liam Gallagher melon-walking his way through Morrisons or using a tambourine as a trowel, then do you even Manchester, bruv?

Liam has been particularly shy and retiring of late, in a way not entirely unrelated to his having a new album out, going from music press pillar to radio station post giving his views on just about anything that people need a quote on.

"I don't hide away who I am," the Burnage Byron told Consequence of Sound. "I'm me in the supermarket, the same clothes, the same haircut, the same shades on, when I'm fucking gardening or picking the kids up from school, or dropping 'em off. I'm the same, there's no double-life, I am what I am."

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He was speaking to Consequence of Sound in a Santa Monica hotel room, doing his usual schtick on every living rock star there is.

He was on top form as well, Liaming his way through Jack White - "Everyone is the last fuckin' rock star. Fuck off, you know what I mean? There's loads man, they're fucking everywhere, they just need to shake their fucking heads" - and electronic music - "They need to fucking learn how to play guitars, don't they, and put the computers down. You can't make rock and roll on a laptop" among other topics.

He was surprisingly complimentary on his past ("I did a good job in the '90s and all that" might be the best review of Oasis imagineable) and on his bandmates, saying on Oasis' music: "I feel very proud of it. I think we've done a good job, man, and we've moved a lot of people".

Is this a new humility and serenity creeping into Liam's life after 45 years on God's green earth? Probably not.


"I've got work today, so there's no point in me coming in here drunk and shit. I've got shit to do and that. But once this is all done, you might find me over there in a little bar having a little drinky poo and that.

"You gotta look after yourself when you get 45. Running is good for my head, and before the gig, I get a good night's kip these days, man. The gig's the most important thing, but after the gig, who fucking wants it, bring it on."

His last words are on the importance of music: "It's always important, and the world will go to shit, but music hopefully won't. If it's in the right fucking hands." His, presumably.

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James Dawson

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