People Slam Steven Gerrard For Getting 6 Year Old Daughter 18 Karat Plated iPad

Do you remember what you got for your sixth birthday? You might have been at that age where your parents gave you some cool new shoes, a Thomas the Tank Engine DVD or maybe an art set if you were the creative type.

When you excitedly tore the wrapping paper from your present as quick as your small hands could muster, it probably wasn't an 18-karat rose gold plated iPad sitting there in front of you. Well it could have been had your dad been former English football star Steven Gerrard.

That's the gift he decided to bestow on his daughter, Lourdes.

Golden iPad
Golden iPad

Credit: Steven Gerrard/Instagram

The definition of 'extra' is 'to a greater extent than usual', and that couldn't possibly be a better word to describe this gift. Sure, when you've got money to burn, why not spend it up - but at the same time, an iPad is a pretty decent gift for any kid, let alone it dripping in rose gold.

Plus, it's probably worth noting that the extra metal isn't going to make them better at Candy Crush, Minecraft or Angry Birds.

After uploading three photos of the piece of technology to Instagram, the 37-year-old was criticised by a few fans.

One person wrote: "When you have all the money in the world and have no idea what to buy next...looks tacky."

While another user went full savage mode, saying: "Fair play to you. You and your wife have worked hard for what you have and so you should be able to buy your children whatever you want, hell I would if I could.

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard

Credit: PA

"But maybe before you post such extravagance you should spare a thought for those of us who literally have no idea how they are going to 'do' Christmas and probably cry themselves to sleep because of this.

"We are living on beans on toast and pasta and sauce don't know if the electric's going to go off most days."

While the dad-of-four had a few haters, several others came to his defence to tell the critics to back off, with one person replying: "Gerrard has earned his money and can spend it on things and whoever he wants to. Yes, footballers get paid loads but if he wants to spend his money on a gift for his daughter like this then why not, we would all do the same if we were in his shoes."

It's a fair point - and it's not as if the Liverpudlian doesn't try to help out people less fortunate than him.

The Steven Gerrard Foundation was set up in 2011 to provide as much funding to help kids in need, either through illness, family breakdown, disability, involvement in the streets, or financial or educational disadvantage.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Instagram

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