You Can Now Pick Up A Pint Of Beer While You Shop At Morrisons

Going grocery shopping can sometimes be a bit of a ballache, especially when you're stuck behind slow walkers.

The number of aisles can seem endless as you walk up and down each row, probably forgetting half the things you were supposed to pick up.

But what if there was a way to have a cheeky pint while you pushed your trolley?

Pint Beer
Pint Beer

Credit: PA

Morrisons is clearly bringing grocery shopping into 3017 by offering punters at one particular store in the UK the chance to nip in and get a tipple before they head into the next aisle. The Guiseley store, north-west of Leeds has opened a bar in-store, called the 'Barista'.

A company spokesperson has told the Yorkshire Evening Post: "Saltaire Blonde is a local brewery that's really popular with customers. We're looking forward to hearing what customers think of our new cask pump."

While you'd think it would be music to people's ears, opinion seems to be pretty divided on the alcoholic addition.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Guiseley Morrisons here I come, what a great idea."

However, several others seemed to be a bit critical, with another user commenting: "As if drink culture isn't bad enough in Leeds already, now we have to have a bar inside Morrisons!"

A third person added: "WTF? Aren't people drinking enough already? Do we have to fuel alcohol problems even further?"

It's another step that Morrisons is taking to try and compete with Tesco's, Sainsbury's, Asda and Marks and Spencer. The supermarket retailer recently announced it was introducing 'exotic' items to its meal deal. The company has added a whopping 370 products to the deal, which includes sushi rice vegan wraps, delicious sounding juices and baguettes with beef and horseradish.

Morrisons Shopping
Morrisons Shopping

Credit: PA

According to the Mirror, customers are also getting what they've never asked for infused water from 20 different countries, including Argentina, Japan, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand and the USA. Morrisons Meal Deal Buyer Sian Ayling has told the newspaper: "Customers have told us they want all lunch items included in our meal deal. They also want more exciting foods, such as those they've eaten in restaurants or on holiday."

Plenty of people on social media thought Morrisons had the best meal deal, with one person saying: "If you go anywhere else apart from @Morrisons for your meal deal then you are doing life wrong."

While another adds: "Never mind the #Michelin4Manchester debate; when are they gonna give the Morrisons lunchtime meal deal the Michelin star it obvs deserves?"

Surely adding in the opportunity to grab a beer will make shopping a lot more attractive for some people. However the whole drinking and driving thing might make it a bit difficult.

Sources: Yorkshire Evening Post, Mirror

Featured Image Credit: PA

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