This Bloke Has Just Completed A 30,000 Mile Pub Crawl

Completing a lengthy pub crawl will usually bring a mixture of feelings: relief, excitement, exhaustion, severe drunkenness. Going from establishment to establishment is a big undertaking and we all feel bad for the last pub that has to deal with a bunch of people absolutely pissed out their minds.

Usually these crawls are along a particular street or suburb that has a few bars - but imagine doing one that spanned 21 countries.

Ben Coombs has just finished probably the world's biggest pub crawl, starting at the most northern bar and finishing in the most southern one.

The 30,000-mile journey was also completed in a beautiful looking sportscar, that tackled the Arctic Circle, Scandinavia, Europe and the UK, before being shipped to New York, driven to California, then southbound through Central and South America before finally finding a bar on the continent's furthest tip.

That is one fucking big road trip.

According to Ben's website, pub2pubexpedition, the most northern bar was found in 'an obscure former mining settlement called Pyramiden, on the remote island of Svalbard'. The place was able to boast having a lot of 'the most northern...' because there's not much further north than Svalbard.

Credit: Ben Coombs/Pub2Pub Expedition
Credit: Ben Coombs/Pub2Pub Expedition

The most southern was found in Chile's Tierra del fuego, which is pretty much as far down as you can go before you get to Antarctica, and something tells me there aren't many licenced pubs on that frozen continent.

Ben says he wanted to go off the beaten track in his adventure, writing: "Once, there was the majestic audacity of the journey; now a thousand anodyne Boeings sweep their cargoes blandly across the globe

"The infinite allure of the unknown has been banished by tick-list tourism and off-the-shelf adventures. Bespoke has given way to budget. Elegance to blandness. Panache has been swept away by humdrum.

Credit: Ben Coombs/Pub2Pub Expedition
Credit: Ben Coombs/Pub2Pub Expedition

"While the golden age of travel may have passed, its spirit still exists. A spirit of conviction that travel goes far beyond simply visiting a place; it should be a stylish expression of how life should be lived - bold, daring, elegant and stylish; and with just a hint of glorious madness."

He started this incredible journey in July last year and finished a week ago.

Ben had to leave his beloved green sportscar, affectionately called Kermit, sitting in Punta Arenas as he literally ran out of road and had to get a 40-hour ferry to Tierra del Fuego to get to the final pub.

It's an incredibly enviable journey that Ben has undertaken and there's no doubt that last beer would have tasted delicious.

Sources: Pub2Pub Expedition/Nick Hughff

Featured Image Credit: Ben Coombs/Pub2Pub Expedition

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