Bloke Given Award From Pork Industry For His Extensive Amount Of Bacon Sarnie Reviews

Some people on this earth think that bacon is life, however you can't just chuck it on the grill and serve it up thinking it will always taste the same. There has to be a certain level of finesse and presentation and not every cafe or restaurant gets it right.

That's where Stephen Grice comes in.

The gentleman from Newport has been reviewing places around his area every week for months, while riding with the Newport Shropshire Cycling Club. He posts photos of his bacon sarnies to his Facebook page, along with a short, succinct evaluation of the bacon, the bread and the overall meal.

Bacon Sarnie
Bacon Sarnie

Credit: Stephen Grice/Facebook

After all his hard work, the 47-year-old has been recognised for his dedication to the bacon, reminding everyone that not all heroes wear capes.

Love Pork has bestowed an award for Outstanding Services to Bacon, which sounds like something you'd definitely want to put on your resume or mention during a job interview.

Mr Grice was sent a letter, which said: "It has been brought to our attention that you regularly go to great lengths to find the perfect bacon sandwich, and to point out deficiencies, so that establishments who fall short of perfection know the error of their ways.

"This letter is sent with heartfelt thanks for doing your bit to put Shropshire on the map when it comes to bacon."

Pork Industry
Pork Industry

Credit: Stephen Grice/Facebook

Stephen was even offered to help extend his pork prowess to include sausages in his reviews. He tells LADbible he was in 'disbelief' when this beautiful honour was bestowed upon him - as we all would, given the opportunity.

But if you're wondering what it takes to get a top rating from the King of Bacon, he has a few tips, telling the Mirror: "White, fresh bread, never brown. The bacon should be crispy - but not overdone. Crispy fat is key, but you don't want the body of meat too charred.

"Quality is also important, no processed rubbish. And bottled brown sauce. Not red. Brown. And I think bacon sandwiches should be served on a china plate. I've had a few paper plates and been quite disappointed."

That's a big claim to make, considering there will be plenty of red/tomato sauce lovers out there that will insist that their condiment is best. Stephen reckons places should also avoid sourdough bread because it 'overrides' the bacon; and salad garnish is a big, big no-no.

Over the many, many months he's been doing this, the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop goes to the Lychgate Café, Pattingham, for its plentiful amount of bacon, the well textured bread, good crispy fat and with brilliant presentation.

Now with this award on his mantle, it'll give him the motivation to keep reviewing sarnies.

He's been known to give his verdict on cafes outside his local area - let's hope that continues until we have a UK-wide map of the best and the worst.

Sources: Mirror

Featured Image Credit: Stephen Grice/Facebook

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