Former Wetherspoon Worker Explains The Number One Worst Thing That Customers Do

Everyone in the UK knows that Wetherspoon pubs are brilliant for a cheap meal and even cheaper drinks. For some, it's the place people go to before a big night out because rounds aren't too expensive, but for others, it's the 'regular' where you go because it's consistent and chilled - most of the time.

But there are things that customers do all the time that seriously shit the employees.

Everyone take note.


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Speaking to Kent Live, former Spoons worker Vicky Castle explains that when someone doesn't know or forgets their table number, it's the bane of her fucking existence.

"It's not that hard to remember, it's one number," she says. "No, don't just point in a general direction, that is not helpful."

However, there are plenty of other things that grinds Vicky's proverbial gears, which arguably would apply to virtually everyone who works in the hospitality industry.

The former Spoons worker says everyone behind the bar definitely judges a customer if they come in at 9am and orders a cheeky Ruddles 'with a side of whisky'. Ms Castle adds that if you're a regular, then everyone has a nickname for you that involves your favourite drink or how you act when you've had a couple too many.

"That's right, bum-pinching Pete, we're watching you," Vicky says.


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Another drink-related annoyance is ordering a coffee at 10pm when the bar is packed. Vicky says if you do that, then 'don't expect it with a smile.'

But one of the worst things you can do at the bar (and usually it's just because you're being nice) is saying your order one by one. Most bartenders know how to take an order up to seven or eight drinks and will make a plan accordingly.

Vicky says it's incredibly frustrating when you get to the end of the order and they ask for a Guinness.

She also goes into how customer behaviour can make her go from zero to 100 on the anger scale, saying: "It's not cool when you come in and shout my name.


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"I know we know each other, Sharon, but you're not getting your jug of WooWoo any quicker just because you're shouting my name.

"I really don't appreciate it if you click or clap at me. And if you do, I will serve every single person in the whole town before I even acknowledge you are here.

"It does not work."

To round of this shitlist of human behaviours, Vicky, and everyone else working in hospitality, kindly asks people to respect the bathrooms they use.

"There is nothing quite as vile as the men's toilets in 'Spoons at 2am on a Saturday morning. What is wrong with you people?

Source: Kent Live

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