Man Shocked To Discover The Size Of His £15.99 Mop Bucket After Ordering Online

A couple in Scotland got more than they bargained for after one man's desire to help out his girlfriend around the house backfired and the mop and bucket he ordered on eBay turned out to be a miniature toy set.

Whilst Wallace Kennedy's heart was obviously in the right place, he taught us all a valuable lesson about checking the small print before clicking when he spent £15.99 on the purchase for his new home.

Luckily, his girlfriend Rebecca McCluskie saw the funny side of the incident and she obviously enjoyed seeing her hapless partner bent double to mop their kitchen floor.

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She told The Sun: "It came in a really big box so we didn't even think it was going to be a toy one until we opened it. When he went over and opened it I just knew something was wrong because his face just dropped."

"As soon as he pulled out this little child size mop and bucket I just burst out laughing - and after a while he started laughing."

After they discovered the mishap the couple decided to keep the toy set as a trophy, or more likely to remind Wallace not to try to make difficult decisions without consulting his girlfriend first.

Credit: Caters

Credit: Caters

"We decided not to return it, because it was Wallace's own fault - so now it sits in the kitchen as a trophy. We had just bought our first house together and had our new flooring laid down which needed mopping. So Wallace decided to take it upon himself to buy the mop and bucket for our new house."

"He went online and saw this mop, and because it was quite expensive he thought it was going to be a really good one.

However he didn't read any of the details and just ordered it to the house. It arrived a couple of days later and that's when he learnt that he should always read the small print."

"We were in stitches and we still are whenever we think about it. It's just proved to us that I should stick to doing the housework."

Credit: Caters

Whilst it is good to share around household tasks as part of an equal relationship, and there is no doubt that Wallace meant well, it is hard to disagree with Rebecca's logic in this case.

We can only hope that they sit down together as a couple to make their next important purchase.

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