Student Gets Deliveroo Driver To Remove Spider From Her Hallway

Most of us will go to some pretty extreme lengths to get rid of a creepy crawly - like this person, who was so desperate to see the back of an unwanted spider that he accidentally set his house on fire after using a propane torch:

Um, yeah, awkward.

But one student came up with a pretty ingenious idea to get rid of her eight-legged intruder without even having to go near it.

Demi Sweeney, a 22-year-old criminology student who lives in Bournemouth, tweeted: "My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today in which I ordered food in a hope that the delivery driver would remove the spider"

She also went on to thank 'Joe' at Deliveroo, who she called a 'lifesaver'. Not all heroes wear capes... some are prepared to get rid of a spider for you while wearing a motorcycle helmet.

Demi told BuzzFeed that she'd woken up at about 10am, and that her home was empty as her housemates were away.

That's when she spotted the huge eight-legged freak casually hanging out in her hallway - not the nicest way to start the day is it, having a mini heart attack?

After messaging friends and family for help, someone suggested that Demi order some food and ask the driver to remove it, so she asked Deliveroo if that as possible.

Credit: Demi Sweeney
Credit: Demi Sweeney

"I considered that the driver may not be able to enter the house for personal safety reasons and did not want to order food for no reason," Demi explained.

"So, I decided to private message Deliveroo on Twitter to ask if this was a possibility."

Deliveroo responded, telling Demi that it was something she could definitely request - but warned her that the driver may also be scared of creepy crawlies.

Credit: Demi Sweeney
Credit: Demi Sweeney

Demi decided to chance it, accidentally ordering two portions of KFC (presumably the spider panic got a bit much), asking in the delivery note: "I have spoken to Deliveroo customer service, please can you help to remove a spider for me."

When the driver arrived 20 minutes later, he admitted that he was also scared of spiders, but - being a top LAD - agreed to give it a go.

Demi continued: "He asked how big it was and said he would give it a go, asking where it was.

"When I pointed at the top of the stairs, handing him the tissue roll and getting him a chair to stand on, he then reached for the spider and accidentally dropped it on the floor where it began to run, which made me panic more. He said: 'Look away, don't look.'"

Credit: Demi Sweeney
Credit: Demi Sweeney

The kind driver eventually managed to get rid of the spider, flushing it down the toilet - which apparently left Demi too scared to use it for the rest of the day.

She added: "I thanked him around 50 times; he kept saying this is so funny, whilst laughing. I wanted to hug him. A real-life hero."

After Demi tweeted a photo of her knight in shining armour, Deliveroo replied saying: "What a guy! Great to see Joe could lend a helping hand - we hope nobody got stung! We'll drop you a DM you shortly so we can give Joe the praise he deserves."

...A raise? Free fried chicken for life? Just a few suggestions, Deliveroo.

Featured Image Credit: Demi Sweeney

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman is a journalist at LADbible. Jess graduated from Manchester University with a BA in Film Studies, English Language and Literature, and has previously worked for Time Out and The Skinny among others.

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