The UK Could Be About To Experience 'Bigger Than Ever' Flea Infestation

People in Britain can't seem to catch a break; when the temperature finally get to be nice and enjoyable, people have to pay the price.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the case because the UK could be about to see a massive flea infestation.


It's reportedly because the most recent winter was mild compared to previous years, in combination with warm and wet weather. According to The Sun, these aren't your average fleas either, the males apparently have massive reproduction organs.

Like, two times the length of their body massive.


Nigel Binns, of pest controllers Basis Prompt has told the newspaper: "The activity and behaviour of fleas is often very much dependent on the climate.

"Mild temperatures during the winter means that fewer than usual will have been killed off and, as they thrive in a warm and humid environment, they're likely to be present in greater numbers than usual during the next few weeks.

"The population of fleas seems to have grown rapidly in recent years, but the risk of an infestation could be bigger than ever this summer."

Pet owners should be especially vigilant because the tiny insects usually find their way onto animals, and survive by sucking the blood of their hosts.

They're fairly impressive creatures, if you're wowed by that sort of thing. While they are flightless, some species can hop 50 times their body length, a feat that only froghoppers can beat. There are more than 2,500 species that have been discovered across the world so far.

Scan of flea
Scan of flea

Credit: Creative Commons

Female fleas can lay as many as 5,000 eggs over her lifetime, and an adult insect can only survive for about two to three months. Not only do they suck your blood but they also cause a small, red, itch where they've embedded themselves into your skin.

But while the constant itching is annoying, they are known vectors to viral, bacterial and rickettsial diseases and have been known in the past to be carries of the plague.

Apparently, Americans collectively shell out nearly $3 billion (£2.3 billion) a year on flea-related veterinary bills and another $1.6 billion (£1.22 billion) annually for flea treatment with pet groomers.

Are you scratching yet?

Featured Image Credit: Oregon State University

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