Woman Accidentally Writes ‘My Dad’s House’ For Her Driver’s Licence Address

When you're doing something that isn't exactly exciting, maybe like filling out a driver's licence form, you can't be blamed for letting your mind wander. You might think about what you're doing this weekend or maybe what you'll get your partner for Christmas; and as you move from one question to the next, you're filling out the answers, but it's not exactly registering.

However, one woman found out the hard way what happens when you don't concentrate on what you're doing.

Eve Paterson was clearly not thinking when she was filling out her driver's licence form because when she finally got her shiny bit of plastic in the mail, the 18-year-old was mortified about one aspect.

Driver's Licence
Driver's Licence

Credit: Deadline News

The Scottish teen got everything right, except her address was listed as 'MY DADS HOUSE', which also means that the DVLA managed to miss the typo as well.

A DVLA spokesperson has told the Sun: "House names can be a matter of personal choice and we certainly see a very wide variety on the 11 million licences we issue each year, ranging from the unsurprising to the unusual!

"If Eve returns the licence to us - with the correct house name - we'll issue her with a replacement."

She posted an image of the hilarious typo to Twitter, which has been liked and retweeted more than 28,000 times. However, people flocked to the social media site to let Eve know that she wasn't the only person who stuffed up while filling out a form.

Eve Paterson
Eve Paterson

Credit: Deadline News

One person wrote: "Well I spelt my name wrong on mines so guess that's worse."

Another added: "Quality, you aren't alone doing this, my mate put mum's house on his when he was 19."

However, one user mentioned this important fact in the age of the Internet: "I know this might look hilarious to the people of Twitter, but I'd seriously consider taking it down if I were you. It clearly shows your full name, DOB, address, signature. Hope you don't mind a bit of identity theft."

A person can face a fine of up to £1,000 ($1,323) if they're caught with an incorrect address, so Eve would probably want to get that changed to avoid paying that hefty penalty. That rule also applies for people who change anything that's recorded on the licence such as your name.

Even if you move from a Ms. to a Mrs. then the authorities could technically fine you.

Sources: Sun

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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