When you take a photo with 10 people it can sometimes be hard to ensure everyone looks good. Chances are someone will have blinked or left their mouth open and you're left with a less than perfect shot.

One group of women on a hen-do in Scotland managed to capture a pretty decent shot. However, when they reviewed the burst of pictures they saw there was a very creepy addition to their crew.

Holly and her friends were staying at a mansion on a lake in Scotland where there was 'no-one for miles'. Which is why they were so confused when they saw a small boy behind their group watching them.

Imagine enjoying a relaxing weekend away thinking it was just you and your girlfriends and then you see that thing.

People on social media were equally freaked out.

Holly posted a description of the place they were staying at The Coylet Inn, which sits on the shores of Loch Eck in Argyll. It was built all the way back in 1650 and is just an hour drive away from Glasgow.

But here's where it gets creepy.

Urban legend says a boy died at The Coylet Inn and now haunts the mansion and the surrounding area. According to the book Scottish Ghosts by Dane Love, the kid is called the 'Blue Boy' and 'roams through the rooms in search for his mother'.


The author adds: "He also has a habit of shifting objects around, so that items left in one room mysteriously vanish and reappear in another. Staff have encountered wet footprints in the upstairs hallway, there are none on the stairs leading to it."

The legend goes that this kid was staying with his parents and was prone to sleep walking.

One night he got up while still fast asleep and wandered towards the Loch Eck, walked into the icy depths and drowned.

Credit: Supplied
Credit: Supplied

Dane says: "When his corpse was found the next day it was blue from the cold. Since that night, guests and drinkers at the inn have experienced his spirit from time to time."

The tale has enough people scared that it was made into a TV movie starring Emma Thompson titled The Blue Boy.

Apparently when director Paul Murton was helping edit the film, a blueish mist was captured by the camera that none of the staff reported seeing on set.

Well, that seemed to be enough to leave Holly and her mates with nightmares for the rest of the trip.

Sources: Scottish Ghosts

Featured Image Credit: @hollydca/Twitter

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