Australia Post Delivery Text Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

Postal deliveries in Australia have quite the reputation to be a little shaky. It's no uncommon for some people to be sat at home all day, waiting for a package to arrive, only to get a 'Sorry We Missed You' slip in the post box.

It leaves people pissed off because then they have to head to the nearest Post Office to claim the package.

Don't get us wrong, the majority of packages arrive safe and sound but there are enough people who complain on social media to make it a 'thing'. However this is a new level of annoying.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

A person has posted a screenshot of a message they received from Australia Post as they waited for a delivery.

The message asked them whether they wanted the delivery driver to drop off the package at home or to the nearest Post Office. The time stamp shows they replied within one minute asking for it to be taken to their place.

Sadly though, waiting 60 seconds to reply has been their downfall because Australia Post said it took too long.

"Sorry, your reply received too late. The driver has already been to your home," was the reply.


The post has gone viral on Reddit, with many people sharing similar stories.

Credit: Australia Post/Facebook
Credit: Australia Post/Facebook

"This happened to me. Except I was home and waiting by the door all morning. Actually this has happened multiple times to me. Then you watch the ads about Australia Post caring," wrote one person.

A second added: "The best had to be when I was coming home. I saw the guy drive up to my drive way, sit in his car, and then put the slip in the mailbox. He sheepishly told me that he couldn't do anything because he already marked it as couldn't be delivered. Forcing him to stick around and calling up AusPost a few minutes later, I had my parcel."

A third said: "They didn't even try to deliver my package today! Text confirmed and then a few hours later I get a text and email saying it's awaiting collection at my post off and to bring the email to show them. Not card on my door and nothing in the letter box. I'd been home all day."

Whether it's because they're sticking to a time limit or whether they just don't care, people are bloody pissed that they have to go to the Post Office when they paid for home delivery.

It shouldn't be this hard.

Featured Image Credit: Australia Post

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