Pornhub Is Offering Some Very Different Videos After Changing Name To Hornhub

Because it's the start of April today, you're no doubt going to come across things on the Internet that'll make you cock your head to one side as you squint skeptically at the screen. Companies around the world love to use April Fools as a way to trick gullible customers into thinking they'd just invented something really cool or have made a questionable foray into a new area.

Well it seems as though Pornhub is jumping on that banter bandwagon and has changed its name for the big day.

Credit: Pornhub/Twitter
Credit: Pornhub/Twitter

The adult website wants to be known as Hornhub, with the logo showing equal parts naughty and instrumental.

Purely for research purposes, I had to go onto the site to check whether they were prioritising musical related videos over the classic ones and I was not disappointed.

One video is titled 'CALL OF BOOTY: 7 women in uniform blow together indoors' and the image shows actual band members in line with huge instruments (and that's not a euphemism).

Credit: Pornhub
Credit: Pornhub

Not only are the horns linked to music but also the type that adorns some animals. One of the 'Hot Horn Videos' shows a woman holding an animal's skull, while another features someone wearing a party unicorn mask, with the titled 'Cosplay girl shows her horny side'.

If you refresh the page, it'll revert to displaying videos more recognisable as porn (not that I'd recognise that sort of thing) - so soak up the April Fools goodness while you can because once those beautiful horn videos go, they go for good.

Pornhub has gone a step further in their quest for banter, in fact, rewarding anyone who lives in a town or city that sounds slightly NSFW with a free premium subscription.

There are plenty of wacky names in the US alone, including Hooker in Oklahoma, Climax in Michigan, Horneytown in North Carolina and Cumming in Georgia.

Those names are suggestive at best and don't come close to some of the other towns found in Europe. You've got Orgy, Anus, Pissy and Condom in France alone, Austria has the loveable village called Fucking, while Germany next door has Titz and Weener.

The UK also has some tasty towns like Cocking, Lower Dicker, Fingerhoe and Balls Cross.

The premium service allows to do a lot more than a regular account. You get access to VR porn, 4K porn and advertisement-free porn - what an age we live in.

Pornhub is still on the hunt for more NSFW town/village/city names so if you've got one send it on through.

Featured Image Credit: Creative Commons

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