Bloke Sparks Debate On Where You're Supposed To Stand At A Urinal

It should be pretty easy to go to the bathroom. It's not hard, you just walk in, unzip, do your business and get out.

But it seems like it's not that easy in some Aussie pubs and clubs that have urinal troughs.

Credit: Reddit/334578theo
Credit: Reddit/334578theo

Again, it shouldn't be that difficult to know what to do, except one feature of the trough has confused some people on where they should stand.

One guy, who says he's been living in the country for eight years, posted on Reddit a pictured of a classic trough and asked whether you stand on or behind the grate.

A person replied to the picture saying: "Wtf is wrong with stand on the grill it was designed because people got sick of standing in piss puddles that form on tiles."

Another said: "Keep your heels on the tiles unless you like splashback."

A third wrote: "Here's the thing, I know it's meant to be stood on, but I don't because I see the majority of people not standing on them and pissing all over them."

One person came to the rescue with a decent answer, which should settle the debate, saying: "Depends heavily on how covered in piss they are, if they look clean you can stand on them otherwise add to the coating unless you don't value your shoes. Don't stand on them barefoot."

This question was posed by a tourist back in 2017, who 'hadn't slept in three weeks' because he was so scared of where to stand.

Credit: Facebook/Aukusti Tahvanianen
Credit: Facebook/Aukusti Tahvanianen

Aukusti Tahvanianen, uploaded the picture, taken while on his travels, to the Facebook group Australia Backpackers.

The burning question was in desperate need of an answer, so he asked other people in the community if they could help him out.

Members of the group gave him largely the same advice as the above, saying the grate was fine to stand on, as long as you don't stand too far over.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/334578theo

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