Nowadays the traditional birthday celebrations are looked upon as boring and far too ordinary.

Instead people think outside the box to make someone's special day a bit more of a laugh, and a bit more entertaining for them.

That doesn't just apply to the festivities, either. It goes right down to the cake, as apparently a Victoria sponge with a bit of icing can no longer cut the mustard. The infamous caterpillar cake can't, either.

Mum-of-three Natalie Burnett, who's a baker, knows all about the bizarre cakes people request, as she recently had to create a 'swingers themed' desert, the Mirror reports.

She was given the instructions of 'clean but cheeky' by an anonymous client. It was very vague but Natalie went with it, and to be honest the end product is quite admirable.

Credit: Mercury Press

The scene depicts three couples, one of which are spooning in the bed, one on their knees on the floor, and the third sat on the bed enjoying a naked brew.

27-year-old Natalie decided not to ask too many questions about the reason behind the kinky cake, according to the Mirror, and instead just winged it as much as possible.

"I was told to keep it clean but cheeky. I think I made it fun. I could have gone into a lot more detail, but I wanted to keep that balance," she said.

"It's a bit like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it.

"I thought the finished cake was brilliant. It was exactly what the client wanted, that's exactly what I'm about as a company.

"I think my favourite part is the cup of tea - that just made the cake for me. That bit was requested."

As for the challenge of getting into all the, erm, cracks, she revelled in it. The intricate work of getting the delicate parts done was tough, though once the ball was rolling, it became a lot easier.

Credit: Mercury Press

"I actually found it quite engaging to do," she said. "I'd spent a little bit more time making sure the detail was there.

"When it came to planning, most of it happened in my head. I've always been artistic.

"I had to think about the positions of the couples - the couple on the floor were the final addition.

"I got information about body shapes and how many people were required, and the rest of it was left to my imagination.

"I thought of the bits lying around on the floor.

"I've never made anything like that before. And it's the first time I've made models without clothes on.

"I took a long time to model the figures. Usually you can cover up any mistakes quite easily, but it's not so easy when they don't have clothes on."

Credit: Mercury Press

Natalie has enjoyed baking all of her life, which led her to set up Pure Imagination Cake Designs, though admits this is something she never really expected.

Whichever way you spin it, though, you'd have to say this is pretty impressive.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

Mark McGowan

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