The Difference Between These Boyfriend And Girlfriend Posts Are Hilarious

Men and women sometimes have different ways of expressing their love for one another. Some guys might shy away from gushing about bae on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, while their girlfriend wouldn't hesitate to let them know how they feel.

Blokes might worry that their mates would give them shit for posting a photo with their couple nicknames, a few hashtags and the odd emoji.

But those differences are being highlighted in a hilarious thread comparing the captions that boyfriends and girlfriends use when uploading the same picture to Instagram. Take Isabella Koval and her beau Justin for example - they went to a NFL game, dressed in full team colours, and after the enjoyable day they uploaded the same happy snap of them in the stadium.

Isabella's caption read: "Always a blast with my bff."

Instagram couple
Instagram couple

Credit: Instagram/bellafornia_

However, Justin's status was: "Sitting here trying to explain football to this uncultured swine."


Isabella has told Buzzfeed: "My boyfriend rarely posts on any social media and I'm always telling him he should post more."

After Justin uploaded that caption, Isabella added: "People are telling me to dump him. Everyone that knows us thinks those comments are hilarious"

After uploading the comparison to Twitter, other couples have spoken out about the differences between guys and girls when it comes to couple's shots.

Instagram Couple
Instagram Couple

Credit: Instagram/k.woodson/kristenatran

Instagram couple
Instagram couple

Credit: Instagram/bernetteisqueen/rosethisway

Instagram couple
Instagram couple

Credit: Instagram/cynthiabtdubs/herb_dewwork

There's no doubt that these couples really love each other, but it is funny when you compared the way that they express that on a public platform.

One girlfriend wrote 'Because of you, I smile a little bigger and laugh a little longer,' which is a mile away from her partner's caption of 'Wizard kelly with the Sky Hook'. Another hilarious comparison is, '#gameday with my day 1' versus 'I'm my daddy son...and you yo mother's daughter ayyyeeeee'.

But the one that encapsulates this article is this one: "My favorite person" against, "Ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli."

Isabella says the reaction from her original post has been interesting: "It was really unexpected; when he saw our posts side by side he thought it was hilarious, but really didn't think anything of it until I pointed it out.

"Seeing all the other couples tagging each other was a trip."

Guys are probably not going to see this article and think that they need to be nicer to their girlfriend on social media, but maybe they could chuck in the odd love heart emoji and that will even things out a bit.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/bellafornia

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