Man Asks For Extra Spicy Pad Thai And Server Wants Him To 'Regret Being Born'

There are some people on this earth who enjoy their spice. Who knows why, but clearly there is a market for these chilled tongues because Morrisons has announced it is selling the hottest curry offered by a UK supermarket.

But there are other dishes which can pack a punch in terms of spice.

One man, on a casual night out at Hawkers Asian Street Fare, ordered a Pad Thai, but asked if he could have it extra spicy. It was a request that Logan Doan probably makes all the time on account of his exceptionally high tolerance for spice.

But when he saw what the bill, he realised what message the kitchen was given, which was spicy 17 times, along with the caption: "Make him regret being born."

Spicy Pad Thai
Spicy Pad Thai

Credit: Reddit

He's told The Kansas City Star, surprisingly, the Pad Thai still didn't have much of a kick: "Some folks in my office thought I was crazy for eating it, but I didn't really get a rush from it. I definitely didn't regret [being born].

"I often push myself to the limit, and this dish wasn't as spicy as some of the stuff I'm typically used to."

"As a white guy, I always ask for 'Thai hot,' but I feel like the server doesn't take this seriously, and they have the kitchen tone down the heat in fear that it will be too hot and I'll send it back."

Must be a tough life.

Hot peppers
Hot peppers

Credit: PA

However, Doan's Reddit post has attracted other spice lovers' nightmare stories of when they couldn't handle the heat. One user wrote: "Many years ago, I asked for 'Thai spicy', in Thai and I'm White...It was soup, tables next to me moved away from the steam. It was burning their noses.

"I hallucinated. It was so hot, my, friend had to help me to the car.

"Based on hot sauce and wings I've had, my best guess is 150,000 Scoville Units. I was delirious for hours, and literally it took days for my guts to recover.

Another person said: "A while back I went to this (fake) Mexican place by my friend's house. I asked them what's the hottest sauce they have. They gave me some hot sauce and I said ok that's pretty hot.


"Another employee came by. So you like hot sauce? We do have one hotter if you want to try it, but you do absolutely have to sign this liability waiver before we give it to you. I say perfect! Let's do it. I see the bottle. 1.5 million Scoville.

"I put some (admittedly a lot more than I should have) on a chip and put it in my mouth. Ok, it's not bad. A little hot, not a big deal. Then I just pass out about 20 seconds later. I was out for about 30 seconds according to the video my friend took. No amount of sour cream took the sting away for about 15 minutes."

It seems like people with an exceptional taste for spice treat their taste buds like muscles, constantly working and building them to withstand any and every chili until either everything is dead inside or nothing is spicy enough.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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