Groom Plays Video To Expose Cheating Bride At Their Wedding

There are plenty of ways to get revenge on your cheating wife, if you don't want to roll over and be someone people should feel sorry for.

However, of all the plans, I reckon not spending a load of money on a wedding would be a start to go about it, even if it does result in mass humiliation for someone who's betrayed you.

A groom decided not to care about the money shelled out on a ceremony when exposing his partner's adultery, choosing to show a video of her getting intimate with another bloke at their reception.

Local media in Singapore report that the wedding began with a montage of the couples relationship on a big screen, but all of a sudden the guests' joy turned to shock as the footage changed.

In the clip the bride was shown going into a hotel room with a man before getting allegedly 'intimate' with him.

Credit: AsiaWire

Singapore website Zaobao say the husband-to-be hired a private detective to check his wife's movements in the lead up to their special day. Usually you'd say that's just a really insecure man with trust issues, but on this occasion it was justified.

During the scathing revelation the bride was reported to have ran out of the room embarrassed by the whole ordeal, which suggests she's guilty.

Ms Zhuo, from Ajax Investigation And Security Services, was the private investigator hired, and told Zaobao that she was invited to the ceremony, despite advising the groom to break off the engagement based on what she had found out.

Although she was shocked by the invite, she said she understood his motivations to reveal the adultery this way.

She also said she appeared on the screen herself while people photographed the video.

Credit: AsiaWire

This sort of thing seems to be a trend, as one Irish LAD revealed on The Graham Norton Show a while ago.

On the red chair, he told a story about a wedding he'd been to. At the wedding the groom made a speech, and asked if he could play a game. In that game, people who had red dots on the back of their plates were asked to stand up.

I'll leave the man himself to tell it because I simply won't do it justice...

Credit: BBC/The Graham Norton Show

The story was lapped up by Graham and his guests, meaning the young Irish bloke didn't have to worry about being flipped off his chair.

To go back to an earlier point though, doesn't make sense to just not go through with the wedding at all? Surely getting a divorce is a bigger ball ache.

Featured Image Credit: AsiaWire

Mark McGowan

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