Guy Gets Tattoo Of His Naked Girlfriend On His Back And Then They Break Up

Despite the excitement and joy of boarding a plane and going on holiday, there are very real problems you can face that might change your life.

We are of course talking about the drunken decisions which usually lead you to a tattoo parlour where you get an inking that you think is great at the time.

However, after the laughter ends and the hangover wears off, you realise that going under the needle wasn't such a good idea.

It's nothing new, as we've seen a lot of people show off tats on their backside which say something like 'LUFC TILL I DIE I MISS MARK VIDUKA' or 'MAGALUF 2K15 WIV THA BOYZ'. It just goes without saying that it never has been, and never will be, a good decision.

Malakye Brooks is someone who knows this all too well, but his story is just a bit more severe.

In Ibiza on a LADs holiday, Malakye met up with his girlfriend, who was also on the party island with her friends. The pair enjoyed a few drinks and ended up heading to a tattoo shop.

With no idea what to get, Malakye's girlfriend suggested 'me with my t*ts out'. The tattoo went ahead but the pair would break up not too long afterwards. Nightmare.

Credit: LADbible

"The holiday was going to be messy from start to finish with what my mates are like," Malakye told LADbible. "It was a typical holiday, and my girlfriend was out there with her mates.

"We met up one night and decided to get a tattoo. I didn't know what I wanted as it was one of those spur of the moment things.

"So, we got a picture with her face and handed it to the tattoo artist. She paid €500 (£442) for the tattoo, too. I sat there for four hours getting butchered!"

Credit: LADbible

He added: "After the tattoo, I went out to a super club called Hi and was having a few drinks in a bar with my t-shirt off. I had barmen and locals coming and squeezing the boobs on the tattoo.

"But ever since then I've had people staring at my back either finding it hilarious or just looking at it like I'm an alien. I've just been to Benidorm as well and I heard a little kid on the beach go, 'look, mummy, boobies'."

Credit: LADbible

Unfortunately, Malakye and his girlfriend's relationship came to a natural end after fizzling out, so you can imagine how much of a regret the tattoo must be now.

Malakye is no stranger to the odd holiday tattoo, but he may think twice next time. At least he's got something to tell the grandchildren, when they're at the right age.

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Featured Image Credit: LADbible

Mark McGowan

Mark is a journalist at LADbible, who joined in 2015 after a year as a freelance writer. In the past he blogged for independent football fan channel Redmen TV, after graduating from Staffordshire University with degrees in journalism and English literature. He has worked on campaigns such as UOKM8? and IIOC.

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