Hundreds Of People Are Calling For The Galaxy Truffle To Return To Celebrations

You know the feeling - it's a few days before Christmas, the family all together, you settle down for a bit of telly and you decide it's time to open the tin of chocolates. So you crack open the Celebrations but there's a problem, isn't there?

You put your hand in, but after some digging around, you remember. See, it's not like it used to be. They got rid of them. That smile turns to a frown because the Galaxy Truffle is no more. Sure there's Mars Bars and Galaxy Caramel, there's even the Twix that they brought in as a replacement. But it's just not the same. They're just not the same.

And, if that describes how you're going to be feeling soon, then you can at least take solace in the fact you're not alone. In fact, hundreds of people are calling for the Galaxy Truffle to return to its rightful place in the Celebrations tin, including in the form of a petition.

The petition has since been closed - Illuminati I'm looking at you - but Mark Jackson wrote: "For too long have we consumers stood idly by while corporations subject us to unjust, surreptitious and iniquitous actions. Few are more ignoble than the dastardly decision by Mars to deprive us of the erstwhile Galaxy Truffle; replacing it with the insipid and quotidian Twix.

"This insidious substitution that has been reprehensibly forced upon us is not an example of reciprocity, but rather an exemplar of a malevolent and fiendish exploitation of consumer's rights, fueled by corporate rapacity.

"When I modestly inquired about the reason we were subjected to this vexatious exchange I was told by the representatives of Mars UK that their research suggested that we, the consumer, preferred the lackluster Twix to the sacred and divine Galaxy Truffle. This is a lie. The Truffle was a beloved and venerated sectary of the Celebrations line up.

"A God among insects, as all its esteemed brothers-in-tin paled in comparison to its pre-eminence. Its discontinuation has stripped the Celebrations tin of its very soul. The motives for this abhorrent reorientation of the Celebrations tin are clearly and undoubtedly more sinister.

"This petition aims to act as a bureaucratic battle-cry. To show these evil firms that we will no longer be bystanders to injustice. That we will not let such sacrosanct aspects of our life be cruelly altered and manipulated to meet the twisted and avaricious wills of these corporations.

"We will not yield until the Truffle returns."

Preach brother.

LADbible has approached Mars for comment and an answer for this injustice.

Featured Image Credit: Mars

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