It's been a long-running internet trend where family members recreate photos of themselves back in the day. Some of them are pretty cool, showing how everyone has changed over the years, and some are more weird than funny.

But one LAD has gone a step further and instead of doing the same pose as the old picture, he photoshops himself into it, making him almost look like the dad or much older brother of his younger self.

Conor Nickerson naturally came up with the idea after looking through some old family snaps. But he couldn't just chuck on any clothes and edit himself in, he made sure his outfit looked like the fashion between 1997 and 2005.

The results are pretty impressive.

Conor Nickerson

Credit: Conor Nickerson

Conor Nickerson

Credit: Conor Nickerson

He writes on his website: "While looking through some old family photos, I wondered what it would it look like if tried to photoshop myself today into them.

"I gathered all the old hats and t-shirts that I could find and did my best to put myself into childhood moments which, aside from these photos, remain only a distant memory.

"The result was learning a lot about Photoshop, but also an amusing, strange, and surprisingly introspective collection of photos of myself hanging out with myself."

Conor has elaborated on Bored Panda, that the work on Photoshop revolved a lot around 'blurring, sharpening and noise'. He added: "I feel like me and little me would have gotten along pretty alright."

Conor Nickerson

Credit: Conor Nickerson

Conor Nickerson

Credit: Conor Nickerson

He uploaded his epic work onto Reddit and was overwhelmed with the feedback. Conor had people from all over the world compliment him on the series, with one person saying: "Your work is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us! I feel like your photographs are full of emotions and really inspiring!"

Another wrote: "Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing because you nailed the lighting so well in these, it makes them so believable. Seriously, these are awesome. Great work."

Conor told his Facebook fans: "The past few days have been super exciting and pretty surreal.

"I shared my project Childhood to Reddit last Wednesday morning before heading out to take some photos and by Wednesday night the post had reached the front page and my inbox was inundated with messages from people who enjoyed it, websites, newspapers, radio stations and TV programs around the world."

Awesome job Conor - I reckon it'd be very cool to be actually able to sit with your younger self.

Sources: Bored Panda

Featured Image Credit: Conor Nickerson

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