Aussie Fuming After Finding Jehovah's Witnesses Flyer On Brother’s Grave

When you lose a loved one, there's no denying it can be a soul crushing experience. When they're eventually buried or cremated, you're given a place or object in which to remember them by.

Some people like to take flowers to the gravestone and take some time to remember them. Others even talk to the dead person as a way of feeling connected.

Cemeteries are extremely personal places and you don't want strangers meddling with your gravesite.

So you can imagine one family's horror and anger after finding a pamphlet left by Jehovah's Witnesses staff on a gravestone, which has 'Can the dead really live again?' on the front.

Credit: sparklestheunicorn15/Reddit
Credit: sparklestheunicorn15/Reddit

A mum was visiting her son's gravesite on Mother's Day with her other child; the first since the 20-year-old took his own life last year.

Her child has taken to Reddit to question why people would litter someone's gravesite to push their agenda. They said neighbouring sites were also left with flyers.

The user wrote on the social media site: "For what it's worth I came back this morning and removed all the remaining flyers...unfortunately there's no contact number. Only a website.

"Council have said they will do a 'walk through' to make sure that there are no more of these things lying around.

"I let Jehovah's Witness head office know about the situation, and I was advised that contact would be made with the local congregation. No apology was made, but they did acknowledge it was inappropriate."

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

People who viewed the post have been outraged.

"How upsetting for both you and your Mum. Good on you for chasing it up though and for removing the remaining flyers. It would be good if you are able to get some action on this," wrote one person.

"Wow that's just shit. Surely aside from preying on the vulnerable it's also littering," said another.

A third added: "That's so bullshit. It's annoying enough having them show up at your door, but this... this is a new low. I'm seriously disgusted by this. It's not how 'Christians' act."

There have been a few Jehovah's Witnesses people commenting on the post apologising for the issue - saying it doesn't represent who they are. Some even went as far as saying this is in direct contravention to their policies.

Hopefully this never happens again because clearly this has caused some serious distress.

Featured Image Credit: sparklestheunicorn15/Reddit

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