Student Appears To Flip The Bird In Official Queensland Government Textbook

Whenever your yearly school photo rolled around, there was always that one person who would try and do something that would stand out. Some would pull a face or throw up a subtle hand sign and that would be imprinted on your school photo forever.

But only your parents and fellow students would see it, so the reach of the prank only got so far.

One student has been caught in an awkward little situation, with many people thinking he's pulled an intentional prank that has ended up going all over Queensland.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

The unnamed student can be seen on the front cover of a Queensland Department of Education document that gives information for parents of children completing year 12.

While the photo of him just helping his two science students with a classic Bunsen burner looks pretty innocent, a cursory glance at his hand could spell something different.

Is he flipping the bird, or is that just a very coincidental way his fingers are lying?

The image has gone viral on Reddit with one viewer saying: "Oh Lordy! I'm a teacher and whenever you use pics for a wide audience you check all that shit. Kid did good."

Another added: "To be fair to the kid, I have actually caught myself scratching my nose with my middle finger, making it appear that I am flipping everyone off."

Credit: Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Credit: Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority's Chief Executive Officer, Chris Rider told 10 Daily: "The QCAA uses images of Queensland schools in a wide range of publications. We're aware that some people have chosen to interpret this image differently to us."

If it wasn't deliberate then this is just really unfortunate posing.

But when it comes to flipping the bird, if you're going to do it then do it loud and proud like this kid did to Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew during a live broadcast.

A cheeky little kid saw the opportunity to say hello in a particular way and it couldn't have been funnier.

As the car he's in rolled past the broadcast, the child raised his arm as if he was about to wave but flipped the bird instead.

At least the Sunrise crew seemed to see the funny side of the situation and laughed it off. I guess that's all you really can do - can't exactly chase the kid down and ask for a live apology.

Featured Image Credit: Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority

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